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what's best item you've ever won?

Posted: 14/10/2015 at 07:10

I once won a return ticket.

Weed Killer

Posted: 12/10/2015 at 07:41

Rosate 36. Amazon. A tad of an outlay up front at about 38 quid for 5 ltr but you dilute it and it goes a very very long way, becoming economical in the long run. Works for me 100%. Just follow the instructions. Works on just about everything and is animal friendly. Just, as with most products of this type, keep it away from water.

orange moss!!

Posted: 11/10/2015 at 06:41

Good morning. Now I am by no means an expert on this, or indeed anything, but my thoughts are that it could just be iron rich water leaching from the soil and oxidizing when in contact with the air when it reaches the surface causing it to “rust”. Don’t know if this would work to kind of prove this but try running a magnet of some description through it and see if it sticks. If it does then I doubt there is anything to worry about. If it doesn’t wash your hands well!!! (Probably best to wear gloves just in case).

Weather forecast?

Posted: 08/01/2013 at 07:00

It was accurate and very useful.

Please bring it back.

4 returned

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