London (change)


About me:Early thirties beginner gardener started Feb 2013 and apprentice DIYer With a new house came a low maintenance garden of decking paving gravel and a small border After visiting my dads allotment I decided to have a bash at veg in the garden so i made 8 x 4 raised bed Which takes up a chunk of the gravel enjoying this i decided to make a herb planter then a large window planter then came the plastic greenhouses for tomatoes next came a new rockery and finally i am out of room in my former low maintenance garden Been in my first house 6 months and I want a bigger garden Update: Returning after 4 months away (winter break) for my second year as a gardener. Excited to see the hundreds of tulips, daffs, alliums, etc, i planted at the back end of the year.
more coming soon...