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Posted: 25/05/2015 at 11:29

Normally for raising seeds I make my own from sieved peat, seed fertiliser (Chempak) and vermiculite. For potting on I don't sieve and add Chempak potting fertiliser, grit and or vermiculite. These work well as you control the mix.

Last year I bought 6 proprierty bags only to find (too late to return) they were breeding bags for black fly and other nasties - these were a pest for some months.

I note that compost manufacturers still use peat as a base. My usage is miniscule compared to these commercial suppliers. But only to 2020.

Talkback: How to sow seeds indoors

Posted: 24/11/2011 at 15:28
Germinating seeds tends to be the easy part, its the aftercare that gets tricky. Keep them warm and in light at 7-10C and pot'em up in 3"pots when seed leaves are big enough to handle. Greenhouse with heat is too useful here. I would not bother with planting in a seed tray as above. Minimal root disturbance is useful. Good luck, enjoy and never quit if it doesn't go to plan first time.
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