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Gardeners World

Posted: 23/12/2011 at 23:03

Three years ago, having just moved to Skye and initially with only a small garden, my daughter said 'Dad, you must watch Gardeners's brilliant'. I watched it and didn't know enough for it to interest me! Now I have my own big new garden and I record it every week so I can replay bits of info that I didn't quite catch.   I wouldn't dream of getting involved in who is better than who because the show is very well presented and it is as much about content once you have such good presenters. I would love to see more gardening progs now because I just can't get enough....there's so much to learn I now regret starting so late in life!  Maybe a spin off every couple of weeks for beginners, and definately more programmes in winter. Keep up the great work GW.

Welcome to the garden design forum

Posted: 23/12/2011 at 07:50

Thanks for the advice you two. There's plenty of scope to develope both types of hedges. My fences filter the wind rather block it and the ground is slightly sloping, so it's looking good for the yew hedge.     I'll have a look into your suggestions happymarion. I've seen a few local shrubs I've been thinking about and I've planted a few small trees with eyes to the future. A bottom corner of my garden is boggy where all the water drains, so there's a possibility of a water garden and I've sown loads of wild flower seeds this year so I'm waiting for the results next year. I'm waiting with great expectations for the hundreds , not thousands yet!, of bulbs I've planted. It's all a learning curve, so I'm going to check out your book suggestion and probably treat myself for Xmas.  Thanks again and all the best to one and all.

Welcome to the garden design forum

Posted: 20/12/2011 at 20:19

Emma and happymarion2. I have half an acre at the back of my house on Skye. I'm looking to create something interesting but not too structured that will create shelter for my raised beds, other than the fences i have built this year. The ground has marsh grasses, it's on a peninsula into a sea loch, and although not boggy it holds the heavy rain we've had for the last 2 months and is exposed to the prevailing winds.  I have half thought about various types of hedge and after reading your comments I'm wondering about yew hedges. Being a novice with little experience and trying to learn everything at once I don't know how hardy and how fast growing they are. Do you think they are a possibility? Any other suggestions would be gratefully received.

Welcome to the problem solving forum

Posted: 19/12/2011 at 22:25

Hi there, I don't have a greenhouse, so this year for the first time I grew chillies and basil in front of my french windows. I had 10 chillie plants which were very successful and 2 really good pots of basil. However, after a couple of days away I came back to find one basil plant completely smothered in aphids. To cut the story short I lost both pots of basil and after several trips outside to treat the chillies I just gave up the hassle and harvested them. I read about how to treat plants with aphids, but it was so time consuming I don't know wether to bother again this year. I was wondering if anyone can tell me wether there are certain types of conditions, inside, that encourage the aphids to thrive. ie, humidity, heat, direct sunligh?  The basil appeared to be  the main culprit and I reckon the chillies would have been fine on their own. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

red hot pokers

Posted: 16/12/2011 at 07:54

Hi, I live on the Isle of Skye and planted a red hot poker over 2 years ago towards the end of summer. The ground is well drained but not sheltered, but nothing happened, although it didn't die. The leaves grew slightly over 2 seasons, but thats all. I'll mulch round them this winter, and also note the advice not to cover the crown. About 4 weeks ago my wife came home with 2 more plants in small pots, with leaves about 9inches high. I had decide to keep them in the pollytunnel over winter, water occasionally, and plant them out in spring. Is this the correct procedure.  Thanks,  Steve

Talkback: How to pick herbs

Posted: 24/11/2011 at 15:29
Is it best to pick taragon and oregano at the base of stem as with parsley?

Talkback: Taking basal cuttings video project

Posted: 24/11/2011 at 15:29
These videos are great but they don't usually say what time of year they were filmed.....or have I missed something!
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