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Verbena bonariensis

Posted: 21/08/2014 at 20:41

I kept V. bon in their pots and plunged them into beds. They stayed micely prtitr. Anyone got a link to Verb lollipop please?

Talkback: Blood rain and butterflies

Posted: 17/04/2014 at 16:46
After a mild if tempestuous Winter I saw several early flutterbys, but only the odd one of each species. It would appear that former 'abundant' numbers have in deed become things of the past. A Fritillary appeared in our garden (South Wales valley) - the first I have seen in 10 years - I cannot say if that means they are frequent elsewhere for me to see one here, but despite planting for insects I see relatively few.
Steve Morris

Talkback: How to create a living wall

Posted: 28/03/2014 at 20:08
So, who makes/sells good living wall modules and how can I make my own?

Container grown Acer

Posted: 13/03/2014 at 18:48

Good drainage is many things to many gardeners. A pot should dry out at much the same rate as a flower bed would. A 5 cns layer of gravel covered by porous landscape fabric would be good for a long term Acer pot. The growing medium should be beefed up with some topsoil and well-rotted compost. Whichever Acer you decide on the most important seasonal task is to gently scrape away the top 5 cms of soil each Spring and replace with fresh soil compost mix, plus some pelleted chicken manure or similar. I have an Acer atropurpureum var. dissectum which has been 18 years in the same pot.It is 4' high, 4' wide and seems happy to grow slowly with fine foliage every year.

Talkback: How to make a mistletoe and box Christmas ball

Posted: 05/12/2013 at 16:35
Nice, but some people obviously have too much time on their hands :)

Talkback: How to make a house martin nest

Posted: 14/11/2013 at 19:28
Just a suggestion, but rather than paint the papaertry coating it with PVA then dry fine soil. When set another coat of PVA seals the soil but it looks more realistic.

Talkback: How to make a house martin nest

Posted: 14/11/2013 at 19:06
To hold the inflated balloon put the knotted end into a vase so that the dome of the balloon is supported but your hands are free to apply the papier mache - simples!


Posted: 01/08/2013 at 19:56

Monsanto started off selling standard and GM soya separately, but the public were not keen on GM so Monsanto mixed the crops at harvest so that the world had to accept a proportion of GM soya. Over 5000 products in a typical supermarket have soya proteins. However, we are all looking the wrong way ..... soya protein does not pose that much of a threat. But the crops enhanced with toxin genes to make them pest resistant are THE threat. The crops kill any caterpillar that tries to graze them, but also pollinators that visit flowers or rest on foliage. There is no way cross-pollination with wild plants can be avoided and so the GM genie gets out the bottle and all our crops needing insect pollination yield less; and so the world ends, with a hungry whimper.

do you do a "Chelsea chop ? if so what plants !

Posted: 28/05/2013 at 01:44

Monty includes clumps of Geranium/Cranesbill in the Chelsea Chop - this year my geraniums are so late they have not flowered yet!

Under tree planting

Posted: 07/03/2013 at 21:46

Might you consider some sunken pots of Lily of the Valley for early interest and sunken pots of Crocosmia for later? Also some of the ferns are surprisingly toleant of light and competition with trees/shrubs.

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Talkback: How to make a mistletoe and box Christmas ball

Nice, but some people obviously have too much time on their hands :) 
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Talkback: Small trees for Chelsea

It will need to be a big greenhouse to bring on the Katsuras into a more green leaf :) Maybe Kew would lodge them? Good luck for Chelsea. 
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