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Inspiration needed! Sunken patio/lawn edging

Posted: 11/07/2013 at 13:36


Hi all

Just thought I would post an update showing what we did with our 'child-death-fall' dilemma after all the great advice last year!

We went for making a narrow flower bed stolen from the top lawn, and planted with lots of spiky stuff to deter rampaging toddlers. I'm happy to report that, as yet, no-one has hurled themselves over the edge, and that is despite having a garden party last weekend with about twenty under 4's running around!

Thanks to all who replied!



Inspiration needed! Sunken patio/lawn edging

Posted: 05/07/2012 at 21:05

Thanks for the suggestions, some great ideas. Painted trellis might work, we already have a lot of painted wood benches and an arbour in the garden (although after the time it took me to paint the b***** thing i did swear i would never paint trellis again...!)

The drop on the right is flanked by a big wide flower bed so they cant fall off that without some serious effort. 

Thanks for the planting suggestions Emma, that spot is actually pretty sunny though. I think we'll definitely be going with a bed, have moved a few potted plants out there tonight to get an idea and it softens the top quite nicely. Not sure what will be best to go with though - need something that will still have shape and structure through the winter, it's the main view frm most rooms in the house.

Inspiration needed! Sunken patio/lawn edging

Posted: 05/07/2012 at 13:23

We're nearing the end of a mammoth garden redesign, and I'm hoping someone can offer a bit of inspiration on how to finish off a few small details.

The garden is now split level - the top level is a flat lawn, the lower level (about 5feet below) is a sunken patio. The retaining wall between the two is block and render with a built in bench.

My dilemma is how to screen/fence/edge/ finish off the top of the wall in order to prevent my two small children hurling themselves off the massive drop down onto the patio!

I dont really want to have to put a full fence up as it will make the patio feel like a bit of a bunker. Ideas so far have been to nick a bit of the lawn to create a flower bed (could be about 2feet wide) but i have no idea what to plant that would provide enough of a deterrent/barrier whilst still letting light through. Other suggestion is to build a sort of 'window box' along the top of the wall, but again, what to plant it with?

Any ideas/suggestions would be gratefully received!


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Inspiration needed! Sunken patio/lawn edging

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