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How did you get into gardening?

Posted: 15/08/2014 at 23:20

And maybe some members shouldn't be telling the world about their health issues,

or how long they've been married,

who's bragging ref classic cars, I didnt buy my car as a classic i bought it new 25 years ago,and had it ever since and i still use it daily today.

I think I'll pull the plug for the last time on this forum as it's one or two attention seekers that dont seem to understand the rules and what to do if they feel the rules are being used incorrectly.


Lupin suggestions please

Posted: 15/08/2014 at 22:56

Good advice given

But if you cut back the lupins just after they have flowered in the spring you'll get a second showing of flowers in july/august from the same plant,

So your getting two set's of flowers for the price of one.


Are you finding this is a poor season?

Posted: 15/08/2014 at 22:47

Well again the days ended with rain and yet the forcast was rain in the morning and sunny the rest of the day,

Come 4pm i was getting the ride - on lawn mower out of the workshop to test it after yesterday's work on its skirt and the rain really poured down,

So the mower ended up back in the workshop,

I cant wait to test drive it for 15 mins or I find after the belt replacement it needs about this sort of time to bed in and settle plus you can see if any hick ups have appeared.

Tomorrow's forcast is again dry all day "but we'll see".

I did see on the web BBC news that parts of the uk have had floods and its only august,


Whats this say for the winter weather !!!

It must be really worrying for those people who had flood damage last winter and that threat of a repeat.

How did you get into gardening?

Posted: 15/08/2014 at 22:35

Philippa smith 2

If you feel you have any complaint ref my offerings then complain to the moderator,

You tend to go off subject offten yourself.

How did you get into gardening?

Posted: 15/08/2014 at 18:39

Hello potteringabout,

You have got what ive said completly wrong,

Im not for one minute trying to tell you or anyone else what to do or saying your moaning about anything, I didnt think your thread was in anyway moaning,

But i did say that other people read these threads and if like you they are forced to retire and they are finding gardening hard work they dont really enjoy then try looking at other ways to pass the long days away,

Im sure your MG was a prise winner and like myself im sure you got a lot of pleaure out of owning it,

That is the only reason i said to you maybe you could go back to classic restoration,

It's not telling you in any (as you put it barrack room way what to do) it was trying to maybe give you some sort of a boost and for you to NOT feel you can't do the things you say you loved doing so much But you could still be involved in the hobby you say you enjoyed so much.

Just because you repair such as a classic car to it's former glory is not saying you have to drive it,

But the likes of judging whats worth the top prise is only done by those who know their stuff.

How many people repair the likes of planes and old steam trains that will never drive them or fly them "

But by being part of a team such as the classic car local club they're enjoying not only the hobby shared with like minded people "but" they are also sharing all the laughs , the social side of this hobby and spending time doing something they enjoy but at a pace they can live with,

Now you tell me is this barrack room telling you how to live your life?

Is this some sort of dictatorship or is it someone trying to see if maybe has an idea you may not have thought about yourself?

If you've taken what i had to say in the wrong way ? Then thats your problem But as i said a lot more people read these threads than you & me and i hope maybe its given some people the thought of seeking a hobby when they retire before they get into a rut no matter what their health issue.

If you think about it you've done a good jog replying to my blogg and im sure you did'nt feel tired after it,

So maybe this sort of task in a hobby situatation maybe right up your street, writing and replying to peoples questions ref the likes of the MG Car and problems they're having could be an answer to a prayer for you and the help such young MG owners need but can only be given by experienced folk such as you.

Now gardening is what i spend a lot of my time doing and it's what i enjoy But when i get a reply such as you've sent it makes me think that maybe by telling the thread what ive done on such a such day you'd take some kind of offence thinking we're getting at you because your limits in the garden and what you can or can't do

Thats a load of rubbish of cause but it's how your coming over,

I'll leave it up to you ref how you take whats said but I hope you really have a think ref how my reply to you was intended,

Welshonion, thank you message taken.



How did you get into gardening?

Posted: 15/08/2014 at 10:38

Hi potteringabout,

I agree 100% that some people do have no choice and like you have to take what cards life deal,

But my friend, just think about two things, one many more people read these threads than just you and i and if it was'nt for having a hobby "be it gardening or what ever"

what would your life really be like??

Your not an unlucky soul far from it, you can do something to pass away the hours

But some people dont have that choice and infact would give their all tobe able to do anything rather than lay in a bed 24hrs a day waiting tobe fed etc,

Some times its a good thing to say things as they are and if you can pass on a little bit of your own experience of what's ahead (in this case retirement) and what it's really like from both points of view  then i feel thats a good thing.

ie The people who are really worked out in life , those who are sick to the teeth of going to work and cant wait to have the time they've earned to spend how they like

And those who infact fear retiring, It's i feel a good thing to say think now before you retire if you've no interest in anything else other than work thats really bacome a habbit and taken over your life and no wonder if thats what you've done for 45 years why wouldnt it have done just that?

As i said two friends "good" friends made life a living hell for their nearest and dearest by not having any interest other than upsetting people by just being there and complaining all the time.

We all have things in life that dont always go the way we thought they should

My point was just that "THOUGHT" and to maybe put an idea into some peoples minds that if retirement is near !!! and your not sure what its really like then here is my findings on the subject.

Count your blessings not your set backs,

you have a life "it may be a slower one than your past interest "but" it's a life you can still enjoy.

Have you thought of the classic car auctions?

I myself drive a Bentley, ive owned it for 25 years now and its as good as the day i bought it, pride and joy but ive also two years ago bought a wreck of a citeron 2cv

It really was a scrap yard job and its was also a project for those winter days when gardening was a no no thing,

And it's coming along great, when i feel the urge i do a bit more to it,

Ive had to read a lot ref how this and that works and find parts via the inter net etc but its no more heaver work than light gardening, maybe in your health condition it would be a slower thing but "hey" retirement isnt a race, we're allowed to take out time.

If classic MG's was your poison, then why not stop being thought full of what you once did and try doing the things you know you could do,

30 years ago i was jumping out of planes but that was then 30 years ago and the expection of my then career we're alot more demanding than todays life,

Give the classic car idea a bit of thought,its something you can do in all weathers indoors and its also not as wearing on the heart as some parts of manual gardening.

The pc's web/sites for classic cars are full of both cars and info ref restoration etc,

have a look and you never know you may see your old car for sale.

rain and then a reminder

Posted: 14/08/2014 at 20:50

Hi Philippa and Lesley,

Weather, what can we do about it Not much,

As ive said a few times when i stop and think about when we lived in mid wales (near Bala) We didnt really get much of a summer,

Now even this year we have had some nice weather,

I wear shorts most of the time except when im doing the dirty jobs and then its overalls,

So i suppose you cant really complain And anyway my mrs hate's the really hot weather.


I use scotland as a hint to her in doors when i fancy a cuppa,

ie i ask how mant  T's in scotland,

reply ONE,

One what,


Oh yes please,

I did really fancy living in high lands and as a teenager i cycled to john o groats once and really enjoyed it,

But the weather ie the long winters and the prices of housing put me off,

But a bit like the irish you'll always meet a scot no matter what part of the world your in,

My favourit well dressed scotsman is "Paul leylore" (I think thats how to spell his sir name) he's on bargian hunt.

REF being industrious,

Its "she who must be obeyed" must do by the winter ideas really.

Still who said good gardens are not made by laying about in the shade?



How did you get into gardening?

Posted: 14/08/2014 at 20:32

Pottering about has really got it right,

Retirement is a bit mote involved in the daily life style than we really know at the time of first retiring,

What i mean is if you have a partner and all of a sudden your daily routine of going to work has finished,

You now have 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to yourself  'But " also seeing your partner 24 hours a day !!!!

It can be a strain at first because your the intruder, it's you who have come into someone ele's work place  "be it your home" it's still you who is now home all day,

It's you who finds its not as simple as you may have thought it would be,

And if you've not got a hobby other than visiting the pub mid day and eveing,

then you really can be in a mess,

Ive had friends in this state and their marrage suffered and they also didn't seem tobe enjoying life anymore,

But in my case i couldn't wait, i had my gardening and an interest in classic motor cycles (still have) and the car of my dreames to "now im able to enjoy" and still to this day i enjoy that car with pride and the bikes,

But coming back to one or two friends who'd always enjoyed the pub, they became like some sort of neighbourhood moan brigade and within a year had fallen out with the neighbours over silly things,

ie one complained because nextdoor was cutting his grass on a sunday morning, "he'd forgotten that person worked and the weekend was the only real time he had to do such jobs and then only if the weather would let him,

He didnt have time on his hands, he wasn't bored.

I remember asking a few people i knew what they thought ref being retired and with most the same remark came back time & time again

"I dont know we're i found the time to go to work".

So if your near the big day i'd honestly say if you've not got a hobby now !!!!

Then have a think what you fancy doing as a pass time and get your name down for some causes to help get you started,

Gardening is an on going hobby It's one your never finished with,

As one season ends the next starts and just to make it interesting mother nature moves things around every now and again so we dont have a flaming june and so the fruits dont rippen as quick but this is all part of the gardening world and to those who have just started gardening "welcome to a hobby thats a mixture of keeping you fit, keeping you fed with fresh veg, and getting you out in the fresh air.

Some things in life you wonder about and ask why,

ie why do they build old peoples homes within eye sight of the cemitary,

Why is it that 3 buses all turn up at the same time,

And why do some mums have an answer to their kids daft questions without thinking

ie "Mum can i lick the pan??????"

Mums reply

"No pull the chain like everyone eles".


rain and then a reminder

Posted: 14/08/2014 at 19:25

Well ive re-moved the skirt off the ride-on cleaned every bit of the underside sharmpened the blades and put a new belt on and put it all back together again,

That was this morning,

This afternoon ive cleaned the villager woodburner flu, spayed the complete iron work(do this every year)

and spent the rest of the afternoon in the work polishing the brass horse badges and the copper display pans that live in the kitchen and listerned to womans hour and the arches,

Has anyone  ever thought of the voice over people in the arches prentending to be chickens and cows? How did they first ever hear about such a job?

Was it the job centre, "Now mr dung we've a perfect job for you "on the radio"

do you think you could show us how you think a chicken sounds when its all bunged up?

Yes yes, now a cow,

Good you've got the job, now all you have to do is read the script and when you see cluck cluck or moo "thats your part". Oh and it you do lay any eggs you can keep them.

What a job.

rain and then a reminder

Posted: 13/08/2014 at 22:46

Evening all,

Well its been a wet one again today and so rather than get really P------- off i thought what eles but the radio on the workshop bench cleared and the skirt off the ride-on and a complete under side clean and a re-sharpened blade,

got everything onto the bench turned the radio on and guess what was playing !!!!!!

"It's raining men" followed by Wet Wet and love is all around Followed by Roxsanne shaking her self and a free shower to be had.

Can't a bloke get away from water?

But the good thing is the skirts all nice and cleaned & the verious clips & springs oiled and the blades nice and sharp,

All i need now is some dry grass for when the skirt is fixed back on the mower

But tomorrow's forcast !! yes you've got it "RAIN" all day.

Anyone doing anything good ref gardening??????

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