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Posted: 13/08/2013 at 06:44


It was what i call a nice weather wise sort of day yesterday "not to hot and just nice fot shorts on,

"No "T" shirt and as near to nude as i want to be gardening day,

(wouldn't fancy doing nude gardening myself, not like those pair i once saw on the tv gardening "Nude" nothing on except a big smile from the woman as she weeded and her husband standing there for the camera with a pair of shears in one hand and big smile !

No what with flies and bee's & god only knows what other crawlies crawling about the place i really wouldnt fancy "nude" gardening,

And then im sure when you least expected it there would be visitors or passing neighbours !!!!

Can you imagen the scene;?

"Oh and good morning to you"

, And how are your plums today !!!!!!!!!!! ?

Ive just been feeling my plums to see if they're ready for pulling off.

No its not for me, I'd have to be drunk to do such a thing But talking about being drunk and the time of year I just couldnt sit out on the patio last night and enjoy that end of the day feel i offten feel,

What with a nice cuppa and one of the dogs with me its a nice end to the days gardening "relaxing just us and the sun saying good night "its done its shift" and watching the moon appear for the grave yard shift "Night shift" arriving,

But non of this last night, the noise from the trees filled with drunken birds all squawking and singing  brought back memouries of the old days in the wine lodge in liverpool citiy centre when the pub songs started and everyone joined in (most out of tune)

And last night around 10pm the birds we're giving it jip,

Its all thanks to them getting the free grapes and other fruit,

they eat so much they end up drunk.

But thats nature for you, its that time of the year "What i call free larder time"

the doors open and the Larders full so help yourself, in a few months time the same "Nature larder will be empty" and i dare say little or no drunken singing will be heard then.

Wonderful thing nature and the garden.


Posted: 12/08/2013 at 22:04

One last thought on this subject from when i was a small lad back in Liverpool.

We lived in a big street with back to back houses, my Dad was very proud of the fact we lived in the only semi in our street and would tell me to remind the teacher's i came from a semi detached house,

(What he didnt want me to say was that it was thanks to mr Hitler's bombs that i lived in the only house in our street that had next doors wall paper on the outside of our house,

One old lady in the street was ignored by all the neighbours, and we kids thought she was a witch who made you get spots etc,

We didnt have gardens "not even a window box" infact the only grass was on the railway bank at the end of our street,

Many a time you'd hear mums telling their kids to go and play on the railway

(they really meant the grass & not the railway track)

The old lady "miss cutsey" would some times be seen by one of the kids and after the word was out that she was stooping down in the long grass putting spells on us all "we'd all dip down and hide.

One day when i was 16yrs of age i came home to find that a hearst was parked outside "miss cutseys house" she was about to be taken to her grave,

The strange thing was not one neighbour had drawn their curtains "As was the custom when someone died".

I asked my mum "why"

Oh my mum replied, she did a very bad thing when she was a young girl,

"What bad thing?"

She had a baby out of wed lock and the baby died.

It worked out that when as kids we saw this witch stooping down putting spells on us kids,

She was infact getting soil for the grave she'd made either side of her fire place in her small house,

they found this grave along with her body and a little stone with her babies name on it,

This was the first time i'd really heard of any gardening in our built up slum area.

So no matter how big or small your garden is it's what it means to you thats the important thing .


Posted: 12/08/2013 at 21:41


(We really must stop meeting this way)

Swiss sue, What you've said ref parisians is very true to this area,

We bought this place 9 years ago now, (like you we have a little holiday cottage)

anyway we found back in the uk we we're living to work, i was putting in 8 days aweek and at least 14 hours per day,

Work became my life, and hence one day my other half said i was heading for an early grave and she was right and so we decided to call it a day and take the chance and retire early,

We sold up in the uk and as it was the housing boom time the house sold very quick and we got a lot more than we thought, and so we had a few bob over to invest,

But the banks & building socciety etc didnt want to give a good interest deal for people investing infact it was a joke what was being offered,

So we decided to invest in this house we live in now, it had been empty for 25 years due to the daft french laws ref children / selling and the french tax system,

Some of the 9 kids wanted to sell and some didn't hence the property just sat here for years & years until they all decided to sell it,

Now we have 6 families in this complete hamlet and only 2 near us and so when we first arrive it was like John wynne walking down the track,"All the locals would stop what they we're doing and just look !!!!

We decided to knock on every door and say hello, we're english and just wanted to say hello.

It worked just fine, they're all really nice people "But coming back to the "Parisians" bit our nearest neighbour said one day (she lives alone) It's really nice to see the old house lights on of an evening I feel so safe,

The other neighbour said, she and her husband we're so pleased we we're not Parisians as they're not really french people,

I asked why and they said "All the rules come from Paris but they know nothing about the french countryside and how the french country people really live.

Ive found this same idea's ref parisians many times so i do understand what your saying.

We've seen many of ex-pats return to the uk and to be honest i could see with some why they didnt make a good go of it here, the lack of any planning is one of the mistakes made.

We have english people who have a holiday cottage just around the corner from our gite and every year they come over for 2 weeks in the summer (one week spent sorting out the garden) And again 2 weeks at christmas time,

When they first arrive you can feel the stress but after a few days they settle down & slow down.

The french around these parts are never in a hurry and dont run when they can walk

and everyone stops "no matter" just to say hello.

Our time is now spent in the garden most days all day, and in the winter im in the workshop just pottering.

Nice to share these french thoughts with you.


Posted: 12/08/2013 at 17:16

Hi, two nice replies there,

I dont want to upset anyone but as life has gone by and the modern way of people and their couldnt give a rats backside how they treat other humans,

I can honestly say i prefer animals to a lot of humans ive come across,

All our dogs are rescue dogs and all four have really had a bad time thanks to humans,

I amazed any of them have given me a chance to get close to them "but they have and im pleased about that and now they all can live what lives they have in peace with regular meals and lots of love.

Swiss sue! I live in dept 23 thats Limousin france,  Approx the middle of france.

Its not everyones idea of the perfect place to live as we dont have any night clubs in this area and few pubs, very little crime, and as ive said many times its deep in the countryside and about 30 years or so behind the modern times,

Its the norm to see the older ladies in cross over pinnies and wellies "No real fashion around these parts",

Peace perfect peace, so if you like this sort of life ? then here's the place to be.

Land for gardening is still cheap and plenty of run down country homes that do need doing up are to be found and views to die for.

Its so quiet of an evening i swear you could hear a mouse fart.

Nice replies from you and flowering rose "thanks"


Posted: 12/08/2013 at 09:01

Its a hot start to the day and ive 4 dogs to walk, but the barrows ready "loaded for when we get back and my day starts,

The tools all ready and ive the thought of what im going to do,

As we gently walk towards the long wide field "the baby cow's see us coming into view, their mothers are chewing grass "one eye on us all,

As we walk past the start of the old wire fence the little "new to life cow's" start to walk along with us but from their side of the fence,

they push and poke their heads for a better view of what to them is a strange pack of animals "four dogs and a thing with legs only two" all walking along and all keeping in view,

I wonder what's going on in their minds!

And as we come to the end of the old wire fence "these new little friends have to halt, they cant continue to follow us"  as we continue on our way "out of their view".

To them it makes no sense,

After 20 mins out of view a sight worth seeing comes back into view !!!!

A line of baby cow's all waiting for the return walk back along that old wire fence and again pushing each other as they try to get a better view of this strange two legged animal and the other animals all just walking along,

This is the country life true as it can be,

And tomorrow ? well this will be a repeat of the same walk for four dogs a herd of young cow's and me.


Posted: 12/08/2013 at 08:40

Hi potty,

your mum was right, have a look at todays reply to the feel/the secret  thread ,

Ive put a very good example of what just a little tiny plot can mean to a person on both a weekly care of this plot and the thoughts this person feels having such a plot.

It's in a poem form but very true to what your mums said.


Posted: 12/08/2013 at 08:31

WHo ever said or thought a garden has tobe huge or you cant have a garden in pots?

Here's a little something for people to read who dont own a scrap of garden but such a little plot ment so much,

Have a read and just put yourself in this persons shoes.

                                       The Plot  .

                             by Daniel Seamingway.

Everytime i come here i feel so sad "tears in my eyes of sorry for the brother, Nan & grandad i once had.

So many memouries of times long gone by

"Ive just looked around and no one can see me so it's ok to cry"

The flowers from last week, the ones i thought then we're the best

will end up in the bin over there with the waste "a good place for them to rest"

Ive emptied the the old water and re-filled the pot, filled it with fresh flowers and returned to the plot, 

"Every flower is put in with special care" Oh i wish i could do more to show i really did care,

Im sorry for the silly things i did in the past " brotherly fights, the ghost we never really saw on those dark misty nights,

The times i used you as a goal post because you couldn't play football and thats another ghost in my thought,

The past is all ive got and again im crying looking down at this plot.

It's only a little piece of land but i come here a feel sad "Why" i dont really understand maybe you we're the stronger !!!! and me as the eldest was weak,?

I'll wipe away these tears and say goodbye,

I'll be back with new flowers same time next week.



Posted: 11/08/2013 at 22:58

Good for you fidgetbones.


Posted: 11/08/2013 at 22:56

When you think about it, meadow's and wild gardens are really the norm,

Its us the gardeners who are the odd balls, we want just certain flowers, and half of them come from the other side of the world "But" we must have gardens with only the selected plants

Plants that really shouldn't be in our part of the globe as the conditions they should be grown in are not our weather charted system,

The plants that are for our weather system we dont want.

Weeds are still plants it's just that they're the not wanted ones.



Posted: 11/08/2013 at 08:04

Ive just returned from a nice walk with the dogs,

I walk down a track for a few miles and then through a woods to a small stream,

On the way back i could smell this beautiful smell coming from the hedge but could'nt see anything unusual,

It ended up like a game of getting closer and closer to the hedge to find this smell !!!

And as you get nearer the now stronger smell it hits you and the eye catches the little flowers hiding amoung the hedge "Honey suckle " what a smell,

The secrets out.

Ive got it in my own garden but in a place for all to see, this little beauti was hiding and its been there for years,

Its worth getting up and out early to see the wild life all feeding and starting the day off,The early morning mist floating about like some ghostly sciene from a film,

And the sheer beauti of the spiders web hanging from the leaves of the oak tree hedge like some silk master piece made from an artist,

really is worth taking a few mins to have a good luck at what a spider can make,

As i was doing this the dogs are all looking for the pear/apple wind falls just growing away along the track,

Im amazed the super market sells any apples etc when so many are here just waiting tobe picked.

It's a nice feel to be able to do this walk and find the odd secret natures hidden away while we amble through the woods,

I wonder how many eyes are watching us as we continue on our way?

Ive found young fox cubs and baby deer standing on this path in the past

"Just looking at me" to young to fear man, to young and curious to run "until their mother gives the call "danger" get here now.

Wonderful thing nature and this time of the season when natures larder is over flowing with free food for all.

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