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Posted: 11/08/2013 at 07:38

for all year round deviding type hedging your normal "yellow" privit planted 9 inch apart and clipped once its got to the  2 feet high will grow in sun or shade and also acts as a wind break for lower growing plants (if you use this hedge as a border devider ie from lawn to border)

Ive such a hedge near to the crushed slate path leading to an arch and its works well,

its been in now for two years and has settled nice, (all knitted togather and nice & bushy)

its needs are few "but a lot of people never think to feed a hedge and this causes anything such as bulbs planted to near not to suceed as the hedge takes all the near food from the soil"

So give a general pellet feed of the likes of grow more once a year and the hedge will be fine.

I chose the yellow as it mixes in nice with the green of the lawn.


Posted: 11/08/2013 at 07:24

And as ive said thes epeope have a lot of get up and go and time on their hands,if they want a wider or narrower bed then im sure they've the brain to do just what they want,

Your average arm length is two feet, without leaning out, why dont you go into the garden sit in a chair or on the side of the border and see just how far you can reach and then comment on this idea before you knock or agree with others.,?

The trouble with so called normal people is they expect everything to be easy, your remark ref taking time to make and how much filling is required, !!!!

Im taking about a long term project to help these people not a quick two minute thing, gardening to those who've done it for any time will tell you the biggest problem for the knew to gardening is the same as the little kid who has a plant planted for them "they keep pulling it up to see if its growing, ie PATIENCE

Its what every gardener must have if they are ever hoping to suceed, Nature wont go any faster just to please you.

If you we're in a situation that the rest of your life was taken up by time and "Not" being able to do what you once did wouldnt you want a challenge in your life?

Or did you think every thing should be quick and easy?

You doubt all you like, but the idea was for those who'd say my body may have changed but the rest of me has needs and using my time to do things is one off a them,

Thank christ not everyone is a giver upper or knock it before ive tried it,

before they've even started and again thank christ some people dont keep looking at how many problems they can fine in life.

Did you know they've invented the wheel ?



Posted: 10/08/2013 at 23:03


I said approx 3 ft on both sides and i would'nt say 3 feet if i thought it was out of the question, but im sure such people needing a bit of help to do such a hobby will decide on what they can reach & have the beds for their reach, "wouldn't you?

Why is it that for the second time in as many weeks you seem to find fault with my

threads, are you some sort of trouble maker? Or just cant find a subject to write about of your own?

My intention is to try and help people and that's all,

Ive plenty to do with my time without dealing with people like you,


Posted: 10/08/2013 at 15:04

Ive been counting my blessings today ref being fit enough to get around the garden without any help from people or sticks/wheelchair etc,

But what about those who have now been delt a bad card in life and find for verious reasons they're now unable to be as active as they once wer'e!!!!

Is gardening as a hobby to much for such people?

Well ive met a few people in that very situation and one thing ive found repeated time & time again is that these people have the most strongest will power you have ever seen,

But how can they garden and get results?

A bit of thought and a plan,

Whats that saying "something " about if you cant get to the mountain then bring the mountain to you (or something like that)

So why not make the gardening a bit different!

You can't bend down to the soil so lets try raising the soil to your level or at least the chair level or kneeling level,

With a bit of initial planning a raised bed garden can really work,

And the good thing about raised beds is that they are easy to weed and are kinder on the eye and mind,

what im talking about here is "lets say you have a boxed area 10 feet long by 6 feet wide, with plenty of space all around this boxed area for a wheel chair to be used,

By being able to weed 3 feet on one side and then go to the other side and repeat the 3 feet weeding you'll soon be able to weed the complete bed in one go!!!!

unlike if you have a plot thats 20 feet long by 15 feet wide and needs weeding

"you'll soon find how quick the weeds re-start growing before your at the far end and after a days weeding that final look before you call it a day and the sight is still more weeds to be delt with next time "isn't a nice sight,

With raised beds you can deal with one bed at a time and finsh the jobs quicker hence you'll soon be growing a variety of crops or flowers before you know it,

Protection from birds is made easy via sections of small wire covers to keep birds at bay,

You can even make covers to act as a mini greenhouse or cold frame to speed up seeds etc,

The beauti of raised beds is 'it's your task and for you to keep in order"

Time on your hands with nothing to do can and is a killer, So if you've never done any gardening and you find it difficult to kill time because your not able to move about as you once did!

This is a thought well worth thinking about "raised beds".



Posted: 10/08/2013 at 05:02

Its a funny old world the gardening one,

Now ref fruit trees if you dont look after them and from the sounds of your ivy/bind weed youv'e not made any attempt to help the tree by clearing the base ground area so both feed can be provided and the weeds dont share what foods already in the soil etc,

Now coming back to "it's a funny old world the gardening one,

I walk my dogs down a long track to a stream every day and i see apple and pear trees in the hedge row's that have been there for years & years and never given any form of care, "Yet" they are covered in fruit every year, "Small" fruit but never the less tons of it, (Why) leave mold feed from the other hedge sharing trees.

If you care for your fruit from day one ie its planting location (sunny spot) and not in the shade all day every day, and the trees pruned "all cross over the centre twigs removed so light and air can get to the heart of the tree,

the tree's not over loaded with fruit "if you want good sized fruit, keep it sensible ie dont have so much fruit that the weight of fruit is causing the trees wood to break, and the trees trying to feed to much little fruit,

But most of all feed the tree by (1) use mulch at the base to both feed and also keep the tree's roots moist, this is we're your top growth comes from "the roots"

I myself have an orchard and around all 34 fruit trees both of apple /pear/ peach/cherry/ plum ,

around every tree ive cut a circle approx 2 feet from the trees trunk and i plant daffs muscari etc in these circled rings for a spring show and i use general fertilizer to feed both the bulbs and the tree's (manure can also be used )

this method looks good in the spring with all the flowers in full bloom and  knowing whats happening ref the growing time for the tree's.

Now ref plums and any stone fruit they need to be fed if you want good fruit but stone fruits dont always fruit every year, the weather can and will have a big effect on the results,ie to much rain or little sun etc can cause poor pollination,

If you have a think about what ive said and only you'll know if your looking after the tree! and you sort out any lacking points ive talked about!

then i see no reason why you shouldn't have a good clean crop.

The roots are there and the less waste they"re trying to feed the better good fruit you'll get.



Posted: 09/08/2013 at 22:59

Ive  had in all 4 greenhouses in my life time of gardening and if your willing to read a bit of a long advice thread ?

Then here it is,

First of all the best place to look is the local papers that sell everything from cars to gardening stuff,

These local to your area will have second hand greenhouse's at a fraction of the price of a new one and depending on what the frame of the house is made of ie wood or alloy will be a factor to think about "but "more about this subject of alloy or wood later,

The advantage of second hand is you've a good chance of getting the staging thrown in with the sale or at a very good price and heater etc etc ,

most people who are selling second hand are moving or have just decided to give up greenhouse work.

Now you may have to take down the greenhouse and if its one of the metal ones then the glass should be held in place via metal clips & these are easy to remove and if you use warm water on the glass you'll find each piece will come out of the frame easy.

Or a hair dryer can also do a good job of loosening the glass from the rubber seal.

TIP? mark every section of the frame so you'll know we're each piece will fit back when errecting,

IE 1r 2r 3r (1 right side) 2r = 2 rightside and then for the left side just continue to mark that side. And so on.

Its not as hard as one may think to re-errect an greenhouse if you mark and put down on paper the location of each section & the ends & sides can be taken as one section ie right side stays as one right side, the door end stays as a door end etc etc this will give you on a normal two sided and two ended greenhouse four sections to put back together, the roof again can be removed in sections.

Wooden frames are a better heat retainer than metal "but wood tends to have problems as they can rot,

Metal dont rot and need little care.

Secondhand greenhouses really can save you a fortune.

I feel glass rather than plastic is much better and last a lot longer.

Ref potting,

Ive a potting plastic enclosed section thats sitting on the staging in my greenhouse and the bags of compost are under the staging, so i use the greenhouse as both.

Hope this has given you an idea how to save money and still have a greenhouse.


Posted: 09/08/2013 at 20:01

Many thanks for both reading and the replies,

Just to finish off on this subject,

Firstly, not everyone  has the www P.C a lot of people dont, same as mobile phones not all the country have or would want one, so to say just google for info would not be of use to these people,

The second point that's come up is a full program on servicing !!

I was thinking of a section of a good gardening program and ref people being bored stiff, im sure if they we're thinking of spending £300 on a good make of strimmer they'd find the effort to both see and hear what the program's experienced staff had to say ref good points and bad points before anyone buys!!!

The gardening programs that we're expected to watch are not pulling in the viewers due to untrained so called experienced people in front of the camera,

Im sure fully trained gardening folk must be really annoyed seeing such people doing what the trained gardener should be doing,

7 years training should stand for something!

the programs need new life and new ways of looking at the flooded market of gardening products on offer, 'A lot are rubbish & cheap,

Such things that need looking at are the 12 month warranty on the likes of mowers/rotovators when in fact you cant use them for 12 month as we have winter and these machines are sitting in the shed,

A better way would be 2 years and infact user time on a 2 year warranty works out at 12month allowing for non use time,

Who's speaking up for the gardener on subjects such as this ??

A good gardening program that was heard by the manufacturing people may stand up and offer a better warranty deal?????

Last but i feel important point, A lot of people dont have the income to spare buying all kinds of gardening products and a lot of the products we're not around years ago yet the gardeners had verious well tried & tested methods of gardening without the need for a high income to enjoy their hobby,

I'd like to see these people offered the verious ways of gardening instead of being left out due to lack of funds to spend on products & ways to deal with such problems.

Many people are suffering at the moment because of poor wages or even no work available, these people would welcome a bit of good gardening programs with the help of how to do such & such in different cost effective ways.


Posted: 09/08/2013 at 09:32

I did a thread yesterday ref good & bad tools etc for the garden and due to the replies to this subject i feel it would be of a great help if it was pointed out how far behind the times gardening tv programs have become when it comes to offering good advice "by skilled" people ref both the safe way certain tools are to be used ie chain saw's /strimmers etc, and the ways to both winter service and check the condition of machines before and after use such as lawn mowers/rotovators etc,

All tools cost money and some if used in the wrong way can and do cause a lot of danger to the un-skilled user,

you'd never dream of driving your car on the roads without firsly being trained what to do and how,

But people drive ride on mowers or big engined walk behind mowers with no training what so ever and chain saw's are a very serious matter when it comes to the safe way and the un-safe way to use such a machine,

You can save yourself a lot of both time stress & money if you understand just the basic's of how to service your own lawn mowers be it push/ride-on, by knowing the simple facts ref How long will a fuel mix of oil & petrol last in the machineshould such fuel be used?

How to check if the air filter is blocked etc etc etc  all are simple 5 min jobs that can be checked and put write for next to nothing "if your shown what to look for and how to do it,

This is "NOT" just a mans subject, any woman who can change the tools on a Kenwood food mixer can change an air filter on a mower, chain saw, or a sparking plug.

So ladies if you can change a light bulb ! you can do these very simple but costly jobs yourself. (Costly at £18 per hour garden machine service charges)

Im amazed we have not had one Gardening TV producer look at these facts and come up to date on todays garden tools /machines and the need for such a program.

Lets be honest here and say we are years behind gardening tool and safety needs when it comes to such a subject.

Please let me know your thoughts on this.


Posted: 09/08/2013 at 09:07

Ive always liked good paintings and having no back ground as a child born in the slums of Liverpool then i didnt come into contact with much in the way of the arts,

But two things came into my life at a very early age (1) was being lined up along the pavement "flag in had" along with all the lamp post and other class mates and told when you see the Queen wave your flag and cheer  "And if your really loud and wave hard the Queen may just see you and smile and wave her hand"

Well as her rolls royce drove past i stopped waving and cheering and only could see the next love in my future life, my reflection in the doors of this big black rolls royce I'd fallen in love with quality cars,

Little did i know in the years to come i'd own such cars and as i write this sitting in the barn is proberly the last quality car i'll ever own due to my age and just that "quality" thing, its as good today as the day it was made and used daily.

 (2)  Art and gardening came as a second nice surprise in my life,

I started gardening and soon learnt both art & gardening go hand in hand,

ie the Lawn's the blank canvas or the back ground its now time to fill in the rest,

the odd tree here the bush there, the bedding borders, the little statue, bird bath, arbour etc and if your a pet lover? the resting and special place your past pets rest,

this little spot is always more special and every day (as i now can) garden as much as i like,

  I walk past the resting place and say or think "good morning" to those past true friends laying resting there all they ever wanted was love and understanding.

The garden to me is a piece of my art be it good or in others eyes not so good,

But a changing picture year in & year out with future memouries being made day by day be it the newer dog trying to climb up the plum tree for his plum treat or the old german sheperd who'd be very badly treated by its last owner "locked in a celler for two years, full of fear when i recieved the call from the S.P A. to please help,

Now that same dog two years on walks the garden in peace and loves her later years in life (aged 11 yrs)  again knowing she'll never be closed in a cellar but has open space to be her self.,

who knows how this piece of garden art will change in the years to come!

More birds being able to get through the winter thanks to regular feeding and less bugs for me to worry about in the spring thanks to the very same birds paying me back for the winter feeds,

Im sure many a person serving time for taking the wrong roads in life could have enjoyed the joys of gardening if they'd found them.


Posted: 08/08/2013 at 21:07

Ive been asked a few times what i find so interesting about gardening!

Well not being one who can abide idiots and also being happy with my own company

I found gardening a choice that was at the time very interesting to learn and its a hobby you can do as a one man or woman hobby or as a family,

the growing of food for the table or the flowers and shrubs is all very nice and as you find problems if your interested you'll soon be taking the hobby that stage further by reading the solution to those problems.

The years have past and a few pet dogs also,

all we're constant friends on my allotment and they enjoyed the walks to the allotment and one or two old dogs enjoyed the fresh plums off my victoria plum tree when i was'nt looking.

I myself found some good long term friends due to the allotment days and all gardeners enjoy talking about "the garden"

Your never far away from something thats needed to be done when your gardening even in the hardest of winters plans have to be thought out ref spring and whats going to be sown here or there,

Nature wont let you sit doing nothing "if your not keeping grips on your land "mother nature" will reclaim it back.

So for me the good thing about gardening as a long term hobby is the peace the garden can offer and the wild life that's part of the scene and the feel that your doing no harm to anyone but getting the satisfaction of growing your own.

Anyone feel the same?

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