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Posted: 18/08/2013 at 04:36

If you buy those sponge squares used for washing dishes etc from the likes of tesco they also hold the water .


Posted: 17/08/2013 at 21:55

Well as the law stands today its if 15 people request allotments the local council has to find land for the use of.

If anyones in any cross thoughts on this law ask your local MP he/she will confirm what ive just said.


Posted: 17/08/2013 at 19:59


I myself are not a Dr who fan "not my sort of thing" But a great idea.

Keep them coming.


Posted: 17/08/2013 at 19:57

But what about over wintering plants /shrubs etc that are not winter hardy ?

The greenhouse is the perfect place "if its frost free


Posted: 17/08/2013 at 13:44

Hi Lesley cardiff,

If you put gravel over the concrete floor you'll be able to dampen down as the air between the concrete and gravel will help cause a moist air flow, ideal for very hot nights.

Potty girl

, Ive the full concrete floor, two reasons, (1) the greenhouse frame can be secured to this base and this along with the weight of the greenhouse & glass should keep it all solid in stormy weather,

(2) Ive found that when i had an open area inside the greenhouse ie soil /paving slabs that the winter heat was lost due to the ground being cold and wet and this caused the greenhouse to have this cold tempature,

When i bought my second greenhouse i concreted the complete area and secured the greenhouse to this base and sealed the base of the greenhouse to add heat retention "ie no little wind gaps (use the same seal as for sealing window frames DIY stores sell it in tubes)

I did make a channel down the centre of the greenhouse floor area for water to escape when i use a hosepipe for cleaning etc but when i did the base concrete i used a broom pole to make a hole near the door bottom area and i plug this,

when i do need to hose i just pull the wooden plug out and the water can be brushed out via this hole, re-plug and you've a secure floor area once again,

No mice etc can get into the greenhouse.

Now ref growing the like of tom's/cuucumber etc i use a bought deep trough, i can change the compost when needed and cover the top of the trough to make a good shelf for potted plants if needed,

The main cost of greenhouse use is the keeping it heated, if the floor lets cold in ?

then winter heating or early spring night heating can all be lost due to heat being reduced via a cold floor area,

You can bubble wrap the glass to help save heat,

But if you get the floor wrong what can you do to save heat ??? NOT VERY MUCH

hope this helps.


Posted: 17/08/2013 at 13:21


I hope im not late on this subject as i bought a shredder/chipper last year,

It works off the mini tractor P.T.O (Power turn over) but you can buy these in petrol operated machines,

Now ive a large garden and as we're wood burning home heated we get our wood from the local woods, this means removing all the side shoots before the wood is cut into wood burner size and then split,

Coming back to the size of the garden and the fact that age slows you down i needed mulch to help keep weeds down and protect the roots of verious trees/plants etc through the winter,

This wood chipper is a great bit of stuff "not only" will it deal with all the "up to 2 inch thick wood, but also such things as cabbage stalks, now these are not dry when they go through the machine and it deals with them with no messing,

how it all works is a drum turns all the time and this drum has spikes that grip the wood and feeds it into another drum thats got a series of metal blades that go around at speed, these cut the wood into small chips and then a blower blows the chips through a tunnel into a pile,

the thing to check is that this tunnel is kept dry-ish otherwise the dust of the chips will block the exit route out of the tunnel,

So do as i do and clean the machine after use "i use polish in the tunnel area to help it stay moist free and the chips etc slide out easier" If you dont clean after use the dust thats collected in this are will have moisture in it and will cause damp "hence a future blockage waiting to happen.

As ive said this is a great machine and ive had it going for two days non stop except for the normal tes/coffee break and its filled trailer after trailer (farm tractor trailer size) time and time again.

Remember you get what you pay for, if you want quality then dont buy cheaper ones as this is a machine meant to work,

google shredder/chippers and you'll see just how much work these machines can do.

Hope this little lot helps.

State of Water in Water Butts

Posted: 17/08/2013 at 12:57


I have both water butts and a 1000ltr tank for water collection,

the first thing i'd say is make sure the butt cover is bird friendly ie if a young bird falls in  ! not only will it die and then smell but your wasting the water,

my water 45 gal butts have a egg cup size drops of olive oil in them as this stops flies from laying eggs etc in the water and works fine,

I think what your doing wrong is not using your water hence its getting stale as any product will if you leave it for long enough.(dont you have an overflow on your butts?)

I like to keep air space around the water and infact i used an old cycle wheel rim (spokes removed) and covered the rim with chicken wire, this lets air in /birds out and i use this rain water on a regular basis.

Now why not use this butt that keeps getting smelly as a fertilizer supply butt,

put comfrey or nettles leaves "in a sack or onion bag (plus a brick to help it all sink) into the filled butt leave for 6 weeks (you will at one stage have a smell but it wont last) and then mix 1 part of the fertilizer mix with 9 parts water,

You'll have one of the best fertilizers for both flowers and fruit/veg you can use and all for free.


ref pulling your hair out if you had any.? Lets hope they change the name from head & shoulders to just "Shoulders" that should make you happy.


Posted: 17/08/2013 at 12:34

A few years ago i met a chap early one morning in tesco's of all places (4am) it was one of those open all night stores and i was returning from a weekend away,

we met on the garden supply section and i was putting bags of compost in one of those trolly things and noticed he'd done the same,

We both felt a little bit emarrassed as we both thought each other may think we we're mad buying garden compost at 4am, but a smile can open a million doors and as such he told me he had a railway running all the way around his small garden,

We exchanged tel/numbers and later on we met up and i saw his miniture railway,

it really was out of this world with all the stations/little cottages/ signal box "all working" road crossing gates etc etc and on the house walls we're old railway notices made of metal,

all this along with flowers etc really was a nice mix of a long time hobby ref gardening and his life time spent working on the railway as a signalman.

Have you seen any such theme gardens made by the ordinary person?


Posted: 17/08/2013 at 12:16

Again you've run to the chemicles, "Why' i dont know"

As addict has asked "What" have you sprayed with ?

Ive grown cabbages for more years than i care to remember and the main problem ive had is catterpillars, you can over come this even starting!  by using netting over the young plants and keeping an eye out for the signs if any eggs we're laid,

I plant a few cabbages in with my bedding flowers along with beet root and onions all helps keep both the soil in good condition and a lot of the insects happy but i must admit i have a very large garden and so have the space to plant in this fashion,

But ref chemicles !! I avoid them as much as possible.


Posted: 17/08/2013 at 12:07

Well ref "Welshonion reply,

It depends how long you want to store them early or other wise,

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