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Black garden after Evergreen 4 in 1.

Posted: 29/07/2013 at 22:39

Hi, Ive been gardening for many years now and this very problem your having is one i also did many years ago and in spite of using the correct push fertilzer machine set at the correct setting i still had a mess of a lawn to put up with,

I now only use liquid fertilizer (infact tomato fertilizer or my own home made comfrey liquid feed,)

But however you can use general purpose solid (like small pea's) fertilizer that will feed the lawn but wont leave it looking burnt,

ref the larger lawn weeds, again a tried & tested method is to firstly water the weeds with cold water that has washing up liquid in it "this gives grip to the next stage and that is to use a tea spoon of salt onto the centre of the weeds

the salt will kill the weeds, or again after you've watered the weeds use a tea spoon of gerneral fertilzer "again this will also kill the weed but it feeds the area we're the seed once lived,

grass will soon cover the bald space left when the weeds are dead or if your in a hurry to grow grass in this area again, a small amount of grass seed's can be sown in the bald space.and watered daily until it starts to germinate.

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