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State of Water in Water Butts

Posted: 09/08/2014 at 15:26

I did and can read well what mike had to say,

The qustion we we're all asked was is it safe to use water from 4 month storage in a water butt that smells,

My reply was i wouldnt "But you could use that water to make a fertilizer" if you wanted to use it for anything.

Mike went on to say all butt water was ok to use on the garden as the soil would kill any nasties,

I disagree and said why,

And ref the urine use,

I was simply informing those who didnt know of the uses of the contents on compost making,

And that if we looked at what was used to grow food in the first place we'd never eat any veg grown from waste,

But the main point i was making was also ref what the tv program pointed out ref how bacon is washed in chemicles that "DO" cause illness if you eat a said amount of Bacon treated this way; and this is a modern way of treating food.

But if you use urine on your compost ? good for you, im not saying dont

What i was saying is we're no better today than the victorian gardeners were of yesterday but we dont seem to have the verious illness they suffered with

I wonder if its because most of us drink clean water, can now understand a lot more ref whats in the food we're told is safe "when in fact it isn't"

And the fact that even the goverment has said all packaging must show what the product is made of and whats added,

So many companies dont want the customer to know whats added, I wonder why!!!!!

And we have a very big health problem with people the size's they are "over wieght"

I for one would'nt tell anyone its ok to use any form of feed or water that i didnt believe was safe and water that smells and has sat there for 4 months i wouldn't think was the very best to use,

Would you?

Well ive off to enjoy a nice cup of coffee, whats your poison "urine in a glass maybe".

Have a nice day.

State of Water in Water Butts

Posted: 09/08/2014 at 12:26

Ref mike allens reply that water is ok to water the garden with and bugs etc are harmless!!!

I can assure you if this was the case  then water authoraties wouldn't spend a penny more than they have to spend filtering all the water we drink out of the tap

They'd just not bother And make the share holders very happy.

even fresh water stream's can carry all kinds of germs, take for instance if an animal dies up stream starts to rot away and your down stream out of sight of this rotting animal "Do you honestly think the stream water is 100% safe?

And we're talking about a fresh water stream with moving water "Not a butt with months of stored water in it.

Im lucky enough to have a pool and as part of the start to the day i walk over to inspect the pool after an evenings visit's from who knows what and offten i find dead mice etc in the pool,

It wouldn't take very long for these dead mice to have a family of maggots feeding off their dead bodies if i didnt remove them from the pool,

the common fly,/ mosquito etc all carry germs.

State of Water in Water Butts

Posted: 08/08/2014 at 23:14

When it comes to gardening and forums such as this,

one has to remember the average gardeners are amatures just enjoying gardening for what it is,

I say this because when you think about what we use to grow both food and flowering plants "Manure/compost" etc it's not what we'd call a clean item we're using but a tried and tested way of gardening for many years,

When you look at watering and the collection and time of storage!!!! of water it may be a good idea to look at some of the other items we except as ok inspite of what these growing items contain,

Now ive a very good collection of gardening books dating back many many years and i thought for those who may not know I'd tell you about some of the ways human urine was used for the garden and as a way of keeping us humans healthy,

The victorians used their own saved urine to drink,

it was thought it was a good way to help keep you healthy,

When you think of the human body and how it works the urine is a waste product passing through the body And yet it was deemed in the victorian times as a pick me up.

Again a great use for urine was on the compost heap and the lord of the manor would save his and his staff's urine and instruct the servants to use it on the compost to speed-up the composting,

Urine was also deemed to be a great way of getting rid of "Moles"

Now im not sure how the urine was put into the moles hole's but im sure it was used with great faith that it was a good remedy and one close to hand.

Only this week i was watching an interesting tv talk about whats done to "Bacon to help it last longer and this was by washing it in chemicles that its been proved can and do's cause stomach problems if enough "Bacon "  is eaten,

We really do not know what we are buying or eating hence by growing our own veg and fruits at least you've an idea how its grown and what fresh veg/fruit taste like.


Im back

Posted: 31/08/2013 at 22:03

Thanks for your reply,

IF i was to give a £10 note to a person who was having problems growing seeds!!

chances are they'd spend the £10 and be no better off as to why the seeds didnt grow!

If i pointed out why they didnt grow and how to get them to grow or better still where to look to find the answer to this problem and the future problem, I'd be doing that person a hell of a lot of good. & he'd know for the rest of his growing life where to look for the information for future experience.

One of the big problems today is people do not like being told "NO" they dont like being told what to do for the best, and the same people have problem after problem.

As far as im aware we dont have any rules saying you must only reply in such and such a manner, what may seem rude to people in one part of the country wont in another part of the country,.

I myself believe in black & white and not messing about with all this rubbish about how not to say things how they are,

I dont feel for one minute ive been rude, more like to the point & now lets get on with the answer to the problem in hand,

It's all very well saying 'but the person asking the question is very good to old ladies and budgies,

But he hasn't a clue or the common to see a tree over loaded with fruit,? Or the next problem thats coming his way ref this subject, the best way forward is to plan ahead and know the correct direction to look before a problem appears.

Thats all i was saying, no more no less.

I do wonder if half the people on here do have a garden? If so isn't it a god send to be able to avoid the cost of mistakes after mistake in this day and age?

Im back

Posted: 31/08/2013 at 20:51


Ive been  back in the uk for the past few days as i recieved some sad news that "EMMA" (the little girl i met on the allotments years ago had died,

As it was short notice i didnt have time to reply to most of the feed back ref the plum tree saga,

Ive only got back today at 4pm and ive just read your thoughts ref my no messing about reply to any problems i feel need the correct direction to go to sort the problems out,

Ive had people say im rude, im a know it all etc etc ,

Im not one of these people to go on face book, and im also not one to give out a load of duff advice or look for a pc screen fight.

Ive not one but two gardens to tend (i) is our home the second is our gite 'both have large gardens and gardening (plus my car & dogs ) is my life, everything i learnt ref gardening was through good strong advice as to the correct direction to take to find out what i need to know,

Just because a person is a pro gardener is'nt saying they are any good, "It just says they get paid for their time,

But to have your skills in print by the likes of the "ROYAL HORTUCULTURAL SOCIETY, is saying your on the right lines to recieve the very best advice you can get, And we've so many good "in print' books to have only the best education ref gardening,

Now if after giving this advice to the new to gardening people and have "so called experienced gardeners knock my advice and say its rude etc

Well what can i say,

I'll not give any more advice or in fact give any more in-put to this forum as you think the im so rude,

Regards S.D.



Posted: 27/08/2013 at 22:23

Why is it that when someone comes along full of problems because they started off all wrong didnt read anything but are then told to do it right, do your home work first,

the person telling them this good advise (me in this case) have to have all kinds of people saying your hard on the OP or didnt you ever make a mistake??????

We have many people read these forums and im sure many just starting off for their first garden and they're reading whats been said to gain that much needed know how, ie where to look, how to go about such & such,

You wouldn't go to TESCO's for a hip operation "that would be silly because Tesco wouldnt have a clue how to go about such a serious operation,

Why not go about gardening in the correct way first by asking "BEFORE" you have costly problems????

But more important than all this why the hell do people insist on shooting the messenger, the one who's saying "find out first before you make mistakes !!!

I put a thread on here only a few weeks ago about people not wanting to thin out seeds etc, And what happens tonight we have a question telling us his plum tree is snapping due to not having the fruit weight removed,

The advice was given weeks ago,

I learned this advice years ago when i first wanted to grow fruit trees,

dont keep knocking the god advice given, until the new to gardening are willing to learn then they'll make mistakes that could be avoided by learning off those who spent the time & money learning the subject.

Gardening is my life and now ive retired this is what i do most of the time pre retirement i'd spent some 35 years gardening as a hobby,

I came on this forum to both help those who wanted to learn "pass on what i know to them, how to do such & such and how to find out what they want to know,

But effort must come from those wanting to know, ive never said gardening is easy

but i do say start off on the right road & you'll save yourself a lot of upset.

The people who feel that being told the answer to a problem in black and white with no frills  is wrong then all i'll say is your only fooling the person who's got the problem in the first place And they'll be non the wiser in the end But im sure you'll be waiting to give the same advice to the next vicim of not starting off in the correct direction.


Posted: 27/08/2013 at 21:55


I think your getting mixed up with rotovating for the winter and double digging,

It's the double digging for the winter weather to break down the soil/clay,

When you rotovate you've already broken the soil/clay down.


Posted: 27/08/2013 at 21:47

And for those who are new to being a member or as a new gardener, Do your home work first, the so called good advisers telling you and telling me how tough my reply is "wont be paying the bill for your mistake,*

If your told what to or not to do "thats good advise, if how ever you decide to go your own way and then come on here or any gardening forum asking what should you do now!

Well as i say who's paying the price me you or the people telling you im cruel,

Love me or hate I'll only ever give good advice both tried and tested "but you'd have to ask.

I have 4 rescue dogs all ill treated by people who decided to play games with these animals lives and they have really suffered, Because their previous owners didnt know what they we're doing,

That involved a living breathing animal,

Your mistake is with plants/trees etc If your keen to want to be good at anything be it driving, growing or what ever "then go about it the right way and you'll get good results,

Listern to people full of "well you didnt know " and you'll pay the price for lack of know how. (They wont) they'll still be telling the next person who didnt ask or find out before hand what they needed to know, "never mind" and so the mistakes go on until you learn,

So it makes sense to do it right from the start and this is my message to anyone wanting to garden "ask first or better still read up on the subjects that interest you,

It's not that long really until the cold nights are here and thats a good time to get yourself infront of the fire armed with the information about your subject and learn ready for the start of next season's growing and harvesting.

Have a think about what im talking about and see if it makes any sense to you!!!

Never mind anyone else? It's your garden "your mistakes" and it's you who needs to learn And learning at the moment is what you need.




Posted: 27/08/2013 at 18:51

It's the same old story (shut the gate after the horse has bolted)

If your going to grow anything you owe it to yourself to learn as much as you can pre & during the growing,

A lot of people seem to think its some sort of crime to thin out "no matter if it's lettuce or as in this case fruit"

You've saved nothing by watching the trees wood bend and now break,

its going to cost you most of the fruit and you've a good chance of infecting the tree as "Now" is not the correct time to be prunning the tree.

The only good side to this is for others to take note and learn by your mistake,

if it was one of my plum trees and i'd let this happen i would remove as much of the fruit "NOW" to allow the tree to not break due to the weight.

Learn by your mistake "but" look at what other mistakes you can avoid before they happen".


Posted: 27/08/2013 at 18:41


On sunday while walking around the "Brocante" (car boot) I spied an old outside light

the sort you have under the front doorway porch,

It was sitting in the rusty box of spanners etc and i thought it just needed a bit of TLC,

it had all the glass in it and needed new wiring,

As the weather here today wasn't very nice (dull & the odd rain shower) i decided to clean this light re-spray it and then wire it up and add a switch to turn it on/off,

It's taken all day to do this and when i finished the complete job and "she who must be obeyed"  returned from visiting one of her french friends i thought i'd say nothing but wait until this nice little light would be noticed !!!

Not a word said until i said "have you noticed anything ref the front door area?

"YES" the hanging basket flowers need changing those one's have had their day.

When i said what about the outside light,

I was told im getting old as we dont have an outside light and asked are you taking your pills?

I then pointed to the new light and switched it on and off and said "LOOK" we now have light !!!!

"Well thats not going to help sort the hanging basket out is it!!!!!"

I give up.

Anyone else have this problem ref being invisible?

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