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Posted: 18/08/2013 at 17:53

Im going to really try hard to help you "but" you must promise to think about what im saying before you reply,

Gardening is all about time, its no good trying to speed the garden up and not use a lot of patience And know how.

If you continue to do as you've already done and jump in thinking i'll just sow seed and a wonderful lawn will appear "your wrong"

You'll only end up spending money hand over fist and getting little of any value back.

So lets look at how to do any gardening and really enjoy the results,


You must plan and to do this you'll need to know what you want ie in your case a lawn for your little one to play on.

The very best way to plan is to have the know how in your hands when your ready to take in the plans on how to make your lawn,

One of the very best ways is in book form,

By having the book on the subject you'll be able to read up "All " the info in your own selected time.

Now if you would have sown your lawn in september the chances are the seeds would have germinated but because of the weather in september not being so hot and as wet  as the earlier months your grass wouldnt bolt so quick, and grow as fast "hence less cutting "but the grass roots would grow thick.

The best place to buy gardening books a bit cheaper is the likes of red cross /animal rescue shops / oxfam etc etc etc;

Now the good thing about getting books from these sorts of places is that the books are given as the norm by people who's loved ones have passed away

But these books we're bought by keen gardeners and more than not written by good gardening writers who have a string of letters after their names for the subject they've wrote about,

Unlike a lot of modern gardening books that not only are very thin in papges but spend a complete page "A4 " size showing us what a cabbage looks like, or half a dozen pictures of the latest heart throb to write a gardening book with no gardening experience what so ever,

Years ago you had to know your subject before any company would print it and these older books from the likes of oxfam shops etc really are worth there money

but because theyr'e used books tend to be a lot cheaper .

You'll be giving yourself the very best chance of "YOU" knowing what to do as explained by the very best garden writers.

Forums such as this one is mainly the amature gardeners giving there own ideas on how to do such & such and if you asked 10 amature gardeners the same question !! chances are you'll get 10 differing replies,

So if you want to save yourself time & money read up on the subject and have the book's at hand should you need to re-read.

You'll then after a few attemps of growing correctly & getting first class results be able to help others out on forums such as your reading now.

I hope you take this advice as its given and not get annoyed as its given to help you understand why and where your going wrong.


Posted: 18/08/2013 at 17:17

Thanks allan for your input,

As ive said if anyone is having councils problems ref getting an allotment go to you local MP (thats why they're there) or C.A.B. and they'll find out all the rules for your area,

You only pass this way once in life so enjoy as much of it as you can after all enough is done for those who dont put much if anything into the purse ref paying tax etc so make sure you get back so of what you've put in.

When your doing a hobby such as gardening your stress factor reduces and you'll be amazed what sort of people you get to know doing the same as you,

Allotments are full of people from all walks of life.

Good luck to those who try.


Posted: 18/08/2013 at 17:08

Swiss sue,

No they've moved into my workshop, but no tv just CD. music.


Posted: 18/08/2013 at 12:24

Hi Flowering rose,

Im just off out to a brocante (simular to a car boot sale, the french call them brocante's)

And i know before i even get there the place will have lots of people all walking in very narrow  area's between stalls and a lot of people will have dogs with them,

But these dogs will on a day like today (Hot Hot and getting even Hotter ) not have any water to drink, the owners will be at the drinks bars all drinking but no thought is shown to the dogs needs,

It really gets up my nose "but what can you do" we dont seem to have any law that says you must give your dogs water.

Pity but there you go.


Posted: 18/08/2013 at 12:06

When we first moved her to france this old place hadn't had any human's living in it for 25 years and so it needed a lot of airing out and work done on it to make it into a home,

The garden (2 acre's) all wild and over grown looked a lot smaller when it was wild,

But nature wouldnt let go of what she'd taken back and for a time we had to live with all kinds of animals until they got the message "humans" are back,

Now whats our lounge had the clay birds nest stuck to the top of the wall just under the ceiling, and because it was a boiling summer and i had so much to sort out i'd not put all the glass in the window frames and the swallow's had decided to keep using these clay nest they'd made years ago,

Well when the evening arrived and all was at peace i'd just fall onto the sofa and watch the tv,

When i put the tv on and the pictures refected light around the room i'd get these 4 little heads popping over the clay nest watching the tele with me,

They'd do this every time i put the tv on with out fail,

I felt awful when the day came and they'd all left knowing i'd have the glass in by the time their next years visit came about

"But the sight of these 4 little heads is one i'll take to my grave it really was a lovely sight to see and so unexpected.


Posted: 18/08/2013 at 11:50

Great replies and its nice to know other folk think the same as  i do,

The neighbour im talking about looks like the one in last of the summer wine elye,

(have i spelt that right?) Anyway he's the actor who has really bad eyesight and talks to lamp post and things.

This neighbour went up to a young woman one day in the street market we have here and tapped her on the shoulder and went "BOO" thinking it was my wife !!

"It wasn't"

and the young woman just slid away from him thinking he was strange.

Funny old world at times But a good one.


Posted: 18/08/2013 at 04:45

I for some reason just couldnt sleep last night and so at 5am i was shaved showered and did what i always do, open the doors to let the day in (& the moths)

It's a smashing time of the day "early morn" and as i was up before the chior started off "dawn patrol" i thought i'd walk around the lawn and just sit outside,

It was then i thought i heard a phone ringing, "Yes " there it goes again and then i saw it, the torch light and my neighbour who lives across the track from us walking in the garden in his dressing gown saying we're are you,

(He'd left his mobile phone in the garden and couldnt find it) so his wife dialed the mobile and he was out trying to locate it.

A gardeners life for me, buzz buzz.


Posted: 18/08/2013 at 04:36

If you buy those sponge squares used for washing dishes etc from the likes of tesco they also hold the water .


Posted: 17/08/2013 at 21:55

Well as the law stands today its if 15 people request allotments the local council has to find land for the use of.

If anyones in any cross thoughts on this law ask your local MP he/she will confirm what ive just said.


Posted: 17/08/2013 at 19:59


I myself are not a Dr who fan "not my sort of thing" But a great idea.

Keep them coming.

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