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Posted: 22/08/2013 at 19:30

I at last found a place here that has the large lions laying down (approx 2 feet high & 4 feet long, solid "concrete" and ver heavy,

Ive really fallen for two of these,

While i was inspecting these two my wife said come and see what ive found,

A male statue "nude" its called the thinker,

who the hell would want such a statue "hanging about the Lawn"  (excuse the pun)

I'd like your thoughts on this subject, would you like to spend your days looking at the thinker with all his bits on display, or a creature of pure leadership, mustle, no fear shown (and both have parts if thats what your after) ?

Replies please as soon as poss as i have to order the statue and wait for delivery.


Posted: 22/08/2013 at 19:14

If you apply fertilizer to dry compost or soil your not doing the plants any good infact rather than feeding the plants it's the opposit re-action,

Its exactly the problem people are having by feeding their lawns on dry ground, the grass is burnt and bald patches appear in no time,

Grass is just a plant like a flower is a plant.

Not all plants like a lot of feed and like poorer conditions to thrive such as Lavender,

I was told many years ago feed little but offten and it works.

Ive said this time & time again, do your home work ref what you want to grow and you'll not only have a much better chance of getting what you want but you'll save money.

Seed pkts are a mine of information as to the seed care and after care and well worth reading.

When your next looking at pkt's of fertilizer note the make up of the fertilzer you'll see N.P K. And how much of each is in that particular fertilizer pkt,

now you need to know what of these N.P.K. your plants need or dont need,

Well worth knowing what NPK is all about and how it works ref the plant.





Posted: 22/08/2013 at 19:01

It's been a really hot one again today and ive been gardening all day,

Now ive always said gardening clothing should be as nice to wear "with lots of room" and fits the weather at the time your gardening, ie "T" shirt and shorts for weeding and general pottering about in weather such as todays.

No fashion in gardening clothing,

Ive a cheap cotton "T" shirt, very light and really nice to wear "but" it's falling to bits,

Her indoors thinks it's ready for the bin, but even when ive finished wearing it  it's days of use are still here ie for the workshop im always after rags for cleaing this or that,

My gardening hat is as old as the hills it's an straw one and feels right.

Do you dress to garden and if your of the same thoughts as myself?

Whats your gardening dress mode.


Posted: 22/08/2013 at 13:57

Hi Busy-Lizzie,

You've hit a very good point and for those who are reading this and thinking of coming to live in france or any country really one thing you as a couple should really talk about before you do anything and its this,

Question, Would the remaining patrner want to stay where ever you live ie france in this case,

If they we're left alone ?

The grass can be greener on the otherside and for myself and "her locked in the cubourd" it really honestly is the place for us,

I will see my days out here should my wife get woodworm and go before i do

And she has said she'd stay here if i go first,

But we've met two couples who have been in the situation when one partner died and they couldnt cope being alone here "big house big garden or not).

So like Lizzie has said she was faced with this situation and i feel its one that should be talked about before any move.

All this talk about being alone!! Lets have a joke to lighten the day,

Did you hear about the Irish man who didnt know the difference between "Stork margerine and Putty??????????????????

"All his window's fell out" bum bum

(my family are all irish before you start telling me the irish are not thick)


Posted: 22/08/2013 at 13:43

Oh! gotcha

i know what you mean now (they named a whale after it )


Posted: 22/08/2013 at 07:09

hI Fidgetbones,

We have a father in law (wifes dad) and after mum died a few years ago now we we're very worried how he'd cope, he's very much his own man and always has been but he's also the sort he'd give you his last penny,

One day he said he 'd bought a PC and he was going to learn how to use it and send us "e" mails etc,

I was worried sick because of todays world and people like you've just talked about getting hold of info they shouldn't,

His health isn't good these days as he's 84 this year,

Anyway my other half (her indoors) said to me dont worry dad wont even talk to our answer phone, So the inter/nets got no chance.

(If he rings us and the ans/phone comes on he say's "Im not talking to some stupid box ring me back".

The PC lap top he bought sits in the draw as he said to me "the daft words used like mouse" they think i dont know what a bloody mouse is (wrong mouse dad this one wont eat cheese)

And when my wife tried to show him how to use the lap top his very words to her we're "dont they teach kids how to spell anymore and whats all these L.O.L etc etc,

But the biggest modern day gadget laugh was when i talked him into buying his first and only new car,He'd always had old cars and as we said "dad we're all ok, we've all gone our own ways and it's up to us to make our own mistakes and pay our own way, he's not wealthy but as most old people have done he owns his own furniture, home and lives to his needs,

It's only a little car but its got all the stuff in it "ie key fob locking device, sat nav,

And the "The dreaded car security alarm system,/electric windows

Well the first day he'd got the car everything was shown to him and he being a man just nodded and said he'd sort it all out,

He went to Tesco's more for a drive than anything,

And when he came back to the car he had trouble using the key fob to get into the car and so once in the car the fourways started blinking the alarm horns started blasting out but he being a man decided to drive the 4 miles home and get the hand book and read it,(it hadn't been opened yet)

As he drove along the main road bus's would flash him to warn him his 4 ways we're on ,

People turned round and looked as if to say what the hells going on with that old mans car "horns blasting".

As he pulled up out side his house "a cul-de-sac" curtains fluttering as nieghbours glared out to see if the circus was in town,

But as he got out of the car three little kids stood there to greet him and one asked

"Are you the ice cream man"

And so as i think you'll understand i was in a way pleased "Dad" gave up on the lap top, I'd hate it if anything happend to him after he'd gave me a loving wife 38 years ago,

All because of people's ways of today We still to this day ask him if he has any odd balls calling him/sending him letters etc,

And still to this day he tells us to mind your own !!!!

I can look after myself,

My only form of attact to him is "have you managed to wind down your car windows yet,

The smile he gives me in return for that remak was worth buying the all modern car for. "elecrtic window'w and all)


Posted: 22/08/2013 at 06:30

Hi Bust-Lizzie,

I didnt know you lived here,

Its nice to know your experiencing the same sort of local folk as we do,

We try to give back as much as we can and dont take for granted the way we've been welcomed here over the years,

The neighbour over the track from us had breathing problems last year and went into hospital for two weeks,

He was told to take it easy, now we have a huge cherry tree in the lane and he always picks the cherries using our ladder, he shares the cherries with everyone,

This year i was a bit worried ref loaning the ladder to him and asked his wife if i should or shouldn't,

She replied "he's picked that tree for years and before you came he'd take even longer poking the cherries down with sticks like he did when we we're children on the way to school,

So no doctors advise will stop him, you'd be doing me  a favour by letting him use your ladder,

And as every good cherry picking summer " we got our share and he always leaves some on the tree for the birds".

No crime as such here "no one has time to commit any to busy looking after each other.


Posted: 21/08/2013 at 21:59

Im sorry if ive been taken for a ride,

I thought because of the spelling etc this was a chap trying to make a living

But now im not so sure,

Fairygirl "What's nads???

If this is a scam ! then all i can say is "SORRY" if ive said the wrong thing,

Its such a shame people spoil what is a helping sort of forum.

Sometimes its hard enough trying to understand what the hells going on in the world anyway what with old men being beated to death, 6 month old baby being

killed, people being stabbed etc,Chemicles being used to kill people in this day and age (didnt we learn anything from the last world war?)

Its all strange to me and sometimes i really do feel like just gardening and never talking to anyone, But not everyone's evil and i couldn't walk past someone in need of help,

Lets just stick together and be odd together and not join the nutters club.




Posted: 21/08/2013 at 21:47


well i must admit its nice to just be friendly,

I wasn't brought up in the countryside infact i'd not really seen much of the country as a lad because things we're so different in those days,

We lived in a street and like Addict we didnt have a lot of cars in our street because people just didnt have them,

our neighbour who lived opposit us (my mums best friend & they had 7 kids in a two up two down house "good catholics")

Well her husband drove a coal wagon for the co-op coal and on a saturday he'd take his mrs to the shops in the coal wagon and my mum would say "ooh just look at aggi she's really got it made,

Aggi would sit in this coal wagan and wave to my mum like she was the queen mother or something.

But everyone was friendly, everyone had little or nothing material wise

But there again i'd never heard of anyone being knifed, or any cases of old people being mugged.

The worlds spun round a few times since my childhood days and we've landed in outer space and we've now got the www; system "yet" we cant stop fighting in the name of religion,

I feel we're pulling the earth apart and animal life will get to the stage that young kids wont see the likes of tigers etc.

This is why im glad i now live here and the fact that its like taking a few steps backwards because people do try to talk and you can have hanging baskets without fear of them being taken,

We have a little pbit of land between two lanes, On this little bit of grass every year is a wheel barrow full of flowering plants "geraniums etc"

It just sits there looking nice, no one ever takes it or tips it upside down etc,

Its put there by a local and enjoyed by all .

Lets keep this forum like the old days and just enjoy talking.


Posted: 21/08/2013 at 17:40


It's been really hot here in dept 23 limousin france and more as a need than anything else ive been strimming the bank outside our place,

Now as ive said before i live in a small very old fashioned hamlet, 6 properties in all and besides us we have one other english person who comes over from the uk 3 or 4 times a year to visit their holiday cottage, So you'd think it would be very quiet but its taken me all day to strim a bank approx 60 feet long and 5 feet wide

The reason being first the post lady called and she had a chat for a while,

I continued to strimm, then it was around 12 noon and tractor number 1 came past and the farmer from down the track had a chat "he was on his way home for dinner (the french have a 2 hour dinner break) just as he was about to go tractor number 2 called and all three of us "plus two sheep dogs" all had a chat,

Then the bread lady in her van also got out to have yet another chat, and then they all drove off home,

I went inside for a cuppa and i said to the wife "this place is getting like the M25 with all this bloomin traffic 4 vehicles in 2 hours,

SHe burst out laughing and said "why dont you complain about the traffic to the miarie's dept.

Some times you do forget where you came from and the way of life that once was normal.

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