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Hypericum calycinum Rose of Sharon

Posted: 02 December 2011
Overall: I have a dry shady bank between the side of the house which faces north west and a large shrubbery,therefor gets only late afternoon sun. I thought I would plant some Hypericum 'Rose of Sharon' as I can't think of many plants which would give a show for most of the summer in that situation. The weeds seem to flourish there very well but hopefully this Hypericum will give them a hard time!

Anemone x hybrida 'Honorine Jobert' Japanese anemone

Posted: 02 December 2011
Overall: My white Japanese anemone is grown in a heavy clay soil in North Norfolk and grows like a weed, embracing all other plants within several yards. For the past 3 years I thought I had dug the whole lot up only for it to return, with even more determination the following year. Unfortunately, I believe, a lot of it,s roots are now entwined within the roots of a slow growing conifer which I don,t want to disturb. I dread to think what it would do if I mulched or fed it!!