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Hardy Annuals

Posted: 18/09/2012 at 09:49

They do not die down-hardy annuals will survive the winter in situ then when the warmer weather arrives off they go again to give your earlier flowers than if you sowed in the Spring


Posted: 18/09/2012 at 09:38

It could be alkanet

-but I seldom get these things right

Fork Handles

Posted: 18/09/2012 at 09:30

The red sludgy stuff I have always though comes from the tiles-perhaps the grittiness of them attracts dirt-then when it rains that ends up in the gutters with a bit of tile colouring?

The red stuff in bird baths just seems to be an algae

This may all be rubbish of course-so no change there

I see Brian May is also doing the badger thing- to be devils advocaat the farmers may have a case-I know they are animals and we are animal lovers so it is an emotive issue but I don't believe that anybody wants to kill the badgers if there was an alternative- surely

To cover wood tip or not?

Posted: 18/09/2012 at 09:21

Safety- to stop them poking you in the eye

And no you do not have to cover the willow ends


Posted: 18/09/2012 at 09:18


On the links option on photobucket click on direct link-that will copy the url-paste that onto the external site option when you click on the tree icon on this site-that should post your photo onto your message

If you get stuck come back to me

old compost

Posted: 18/09/2012 at 07:49
rovnos wrote (see)

Hi all,

        im quite new to gardening and still learning so please forgive my ignorance.

My question is this....what does everybody do with the previous years compost ? I know that many put it on borders and raised beds but surely if you have a small garden, you can only do this so many times before soil levels reach there limits ? Is it ever possible to reuse it?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or answers.

Interesting point-take this as an example-if you added just an inch mulch to the beds each year in 12 years in theory you beds would be a foot higher-they are not and some add a good 2/3 inches-and there beds are not 2/3 foot higher

Or-if you consider that a farmer does muck spreading ever year and that bit of land may have been farmed for over 300 years we would all be living on our roofs by now.

Basically any compost or organic matter just gets worked into the soil and over time disappears much quicker than you can imagine so off you go again-so adding some spent compost to beds is not going to raise the level by any measurable amount

As regards re-using- some do just by adding fertilizer-I find that it is full off roots and not worth the hassle so spread that around or add to the compost bin and start afresh - the choice is yours

Fork Handles

Posted: 18/09/2012 at 07:38

Welcome back Chris-your absence was noted but there was no sign of a holiday request-now where is Nola?

This morning I have already been for a 5K run-and I am not even jumping-were where the rest of you?

I have a shed to treat-not sure what treats to get it


Posted: 18/09/2012 at 07:32

Lizzy_McC -please read



Fork Handles

Posted: 17/09/2012 at 21:01

Jean it is the ethylene gas that ripened bananas give off that is supposed to redden tomatoes-I know that because I wrote it

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