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Posted: 03/01/2014 at 00:02

Tigeralla is good one. Always reliable.

I'm also going to try some of the yellow ones. Just bought a job lot of 12 different varieties on ebay to expand my repetoire. Shirley is one of them-said to have great flavour.

I've always fed mine with tomorite or my own seaweed/nettle drink. Apparently Bob Flowerdew doesn't feed his toms apart from the compost they sit in. He maintains lack of feeding enhances flavour.

One thing I noticed on the gw newsletter list of jobs is to start of, at least some, now. Seems awful early to me. But I'll try anything at least once!  Indoors in a heated propagator/unheated propagagator or simply a pot covered with a platic bag placed on a sunny windowsill.

I tend to do the sowings. However, no later than May for me, otherwise later in the year I can't get them to ripen.


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