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Posted: 26/11/2013 at 07:43

Thanks for the hugs people I feel positive for today... Just had a look round the garden wow anemone growing like mad... Loads of weeds in the ecinecea bed and loads of monarda babies hurrah... Laters people..... Have a great day x


Posted: 25/11/2013 at 20:45

Thanks kef..... Will let you know good or bad tomorrow xx

I've never seen this before

Posted: 25/11/2013 at 19:48

Wow that looks fab 


Posted: 25/11/2013 at 19:47

Evening all... Just logged onto my emails to see a load of response emails!!!!! Someone had been debugging the site!!! Well I'm a little better today just weak and feeble!! Had a great moment earlier I was sat in the garden room with the heater on and my oh and lo were raking up leaves... Hubby stood back to admire the heap he created and lo swan dived into them sending the heap flying.... I am not joking I laughed so hard I made myself sick ( not yard ATM!!!) hope you have all enjoyed ur gardens as much as I did today!! Xx 


Posted: 24/11/2013 at 09:03

Morning all... Hope u r all ok me and lo have a sickness bug So not been feeling like a member of the human race!!!! On the upside took delivery of a load of parcels for my husband one from the rhs so I'm hoping it is the books I wanted.... Really should get out to do the leaves but haven't got the energy so may just spend one more day on the sofa!!! Had a fab day yesterday me and lo lay in bed watching Christmas films lol it was so nic, silver linings and all!!!! We'll stay warm and enjoy your day peeps ......


Posted: 19/11/2013 at 08:01

Oh kef don't even get me started on the nhs an how they can save money as I have a sure fire method that is fact based not speculation!!


Posted: 19/11/2013 at 07:51

Just read this and almost fell off my chair laughing.... All the big tough lads at work are coming in complaining its cold and wrapped up like Michelin men!!!!

TEMPERATURES in the UK are going to fall sharply over the coming weeks because that is what happens at this time of year, it has been claimed.

During winter snow can often reach the ground

Meteorologists believe that winter, a spell of short, cold days commonly defined as a season, will be more or less exactly what you would expect.

Professor Henry Brubaker of the Institute for Studies said: “Household fuel costs will rise considerably as families try to increase the temperature of their homes.

“People on the verge of death may die.

“Ice and snow will create icy, snowy conditions.

“Your car will refuse to start.

“Because it’s winter.

“It’s really nothing to freak out about, unless you’re a pre-Neanderthal cave dweller who believes sunsets are caused by Gark, the angry moon god.”

He added: “There’s a high probability that this winter will be followed by another sudden, weather-related phenomenon known as spring.”

Housewife Nikki Hollis said: “The important thing is to stay inside, carry a flaming torch at all times and don’t be sentimental about eating your plumpest child.”



Posted: 19/11/2013 at 07:25

Morning all oooooo I'm 1st... Well not as cold as I thought here this morning. Although there was still a good frost on the car. It was that beautiful feather frost. Jack Frost has been busy. Works manic ATM ( why oh why do criminals all go loopy b4 Xmas, do t they know I have preparations to do) so I'm up to a 4 day week ATM just to help out as  our numbers are few!!!! Followed a HIlux (pickup) into work this morning and the entire rear section was full of hire and pink heathers they looked fab. Now I don't do heather but I have to admit seeing that I thought I may find a space for a few white varieties ( and maybe purple) in the wooded bit next year.... It's food for thought .... Hope you are all well sorry I'm absent juggling home work and life gets a bit hectic at times...... Wrap up warm today peeps ......


Posted: 16/11/2013 at 08:49

Star ages you are an early bird today!!! Great morning here frosty but blue skies and the sun is just warming the fence panels.... Steam rising from them. I'm looming out at my weeping cherry it's leaves still on but going red now it looks stunning. omg what am I gonna dI every Friday now monty has gone for 4 monthsSuch a shame I'm gutted..... Oh well will have to bake lots on a Friday night now.... Which reminds me must feed my Xmas cake today...... Right tons to do going shopping on my own oh is "babysitting" I pointed out its called parenting!!! Then off to watch camberley Xmas lights being turned on tonight with a friend and her little one ( we are labour room buddies!!!) then all back here for hot dogs tomato soup and fireworks!!! Have a fab day all and stay warm......just watched weather report temperatures to plummet next week bbrrrrrrrr 


Posted: 15/11/2013 at 07:50

Morning all...... Bbbbrrrrrrrr again here today..... Got children in need ballet with lo this morning..... It's costing me a fortune!!!! Oh has taken the day off so have convinced him he's taking me for lunch and we will do a spot of shopping..... Just ordered lo a big girls bed so need some bedding.... Quite a sad time she's growing up sooo fast. GC is a little lethal for me now as all the Xmas decs are out!!! Well gonna finish coffee and have a shower ready for the day..... Keep warm peeps 

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