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Hedge query

Posted: 27/08/2015 at 09:40

Many thanks everyone - lots to think about - still undecided but considering everyone's ideas and will see what the 'tree people' say next week ( need them to do the removal at least) . 


Hedge query

Posted: 19/08/2015 at 08:21

Hi everyone, thanks for your suggestions, not sure about beech though as the rest of the garden are shades of green not brown although I agree it could look nice. Top soiled - what did you mean about 'laying' a native hedge after a few years? 

Having seen Love Your Garden last night - has anyone had experience of the mixed native hedging blocks that were shown? 

Hedge query

Posted: 17/08/2015 at 20:49

Hi, we have a leylandi hedge which we have kept approx 6ft tall. Last year it started to die in places, we were advised that it was a disease and the dead patches have really spread to the point now that we are looking at replacing the hedge completely. The question is - what should we replace it with? We don't want anything that will grow to more than 5ft and nothing too wide as it is between ourselves and the neighbors and cars get parked alongside. We also  want something evergreen and that will reach the desired height quickly. Has anyone any suggestions please? Many thanks


Budleja dying

Posted: 12/07/2015 at 21:19

Thanks for your reply, if I replace is there anything I can do to prevent this happening again and are any nearby plants or new plants likely to be affected by this? 

Budleja dying

Posted: 12/07/2015 at 20:41

hi everyone. I have a well established budleja - at least 20years old which has always flowered well. Last year it appeared that the trunk had Ben attacked and there was a pile of 'sawdust' at the base. I treated it with pesticide and it continued to grow and flower. This year I pruned it as usual, half of the plant seemed dead but the rest of it started to grow as usual with leaves developing well. Last week though all the leaves have suddenly withered and are falling off. Is this just a result of old age? Can I just cut it right down and will it regrow? If I replace with another budleja will I have any problems? Am grateful for any advice


Posted: 22/04/2012 at 09:47

Hi everyone - many thanks for your speedy responses - will try taking cuttings as suggested.

Italophile - I don't know if they are English or French - garden was landscaped / replanted etc 5 years ago (before then not interested in gardening) by a 'gardening design company' (the company could not be contacted after they had finished and then we heard had gone bust) A they finished, I  asked and they gave me a rough list of some of the plants they put in and I have had to learn as I've gone along since then but now spend hours gardening even though I'm not sure what I'm doing!

Once again thanks to all for your replies


Posted: 21/04/2012 at 19:15

Hi everyone

Have a number of lavender plants in different parts of my garden. For 4 years I have pruned them after flowering and again in April - no problems, grew well and attracted masses of bees. This year several have died and the two biggest have died at the sides - I have done nothing different - help please?

help pleaase

Posted: 26/02/2012 at 22:24

Help please - I have a raised flower bed - boredered by old sleepers. Last year when hoeing I found a 'substance?' it appeared initially like a bright white root system within the soil, then it looked like a white slime 'mass' on both the wood but also around the base of a couple of plants. I panicked but read that it might be 'slime mould that is not harmful to palnts'. I calmed down and removed as much as I could. Over winter it seemed to disappear.

With the lovely weather this weekend, I have spent hours in the garden but wen I checked this particular flowerbed I found that a curry plant and a lavender have died - rotted away at the base. the curry plant was also covered in the white slime again and the  'root system' was back where the roots of the curry plant should have been. the lavender had no 'slime' on it. It may be purely coincidence, the plants may have died as a result of other causes but I am very confused and concerned. Could this have been due to this 'slime', should I risk planting other palnts there or should I use fungicide which may affect other plants in the area???  Other plants such as viburnum, geranium, fuschia, lavender and phorniums have not been affected  so far but could they be??? Will be grateful for any help - this is the front flower bed in the garden and am concerned that this might spread.....

sambucus black lace cutting back? confusing advice

Posted: 22/02/2012 at 18:25

Thank you - it gets so confusing to newby gardeners like me when you start reading around - why don't they say there are two ways and not just give one or the other?

will probably bite the bullet and cut it down as have been caught out with other plants by just trimming and they have then ended up quite 'thin' so fingers crossed

sambucus black lace cutting back? confusing advice

Posted: 21/02/2012 at 22:46

Hi, have a sambucus black lace -  have read different sites, some say it should be cut back hard now to encourage thicker growth and to keep it controllable others say to prune/cut back after flowering - any ideas please? mine is about two years old , about four foot but is very thin, I would like it to be bushier and not much higher. am grateful for any advice

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