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Music in the Garden

Posted: Today at 00:08

Love dire straits, I know I said earlier in this thread, romeo and juliet one of my favs, lucky enough to have seen  Mark Knopfler live a  few times at The Royal Albert Hall. Absolutely fantastic


Posted: Yesterday at 23:56

Night night from me too, work for me tomorrow


Posted: Yesterday at 23:43

I'm ok thank you, have replied, only came through tonight, emails coming through really slow at the mo.


Posted: Yesterday at 23:32

Hi OL, i'm still nice to have a spur of the moment evening out, always enjoyable. 

Belfast sinks

Posted: Yesterday at 22:57

Cos there is a few of us trying to get one, especially me lol 


Posted: Yesterday at 22:52

Night night everyone.


Plant Identification

Posted: Yesterday at 21:53

Not sure about the first one, second one is a pasque flower and I think the last one is a type of fatsia japonica.

What do you think this is?

Posted: Yesterday at 20:39

Yep its formosa- flowering nutmeg. I've got one they're so pretty in flower.


My Garden

Posted: Yesterday at 20:36

Thank you Scott, will give it a try.


Posted: Yesterday at 19:02

Sorry verdun 

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