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Posted: Today at 16:58

Yes Beaus, still pouring, hasn't stopped all day. 

Just got back from a pub lunch.....phew.....I'm stuffed. missed me  

DD, well done........always thought you had long hair 

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Posted: Today at 13:47

Agree totally with Dove. 

Seems a bit weird to me, and creepy.

Mike seems to have 'worn a lot of hats' in his time. 


We could put a pic up.....doesn't prove its us, right age or gender  etc.........

Think I'll keep the rest of my thoughts to myself.

Strictly 2014

Posted: Today at 12:56



Posted: Today at 12:53

If you're looking in OL, hope all going well, best wishes x


Posted: Today at 12:51

RB, you must be shattered. Glad OH enjoyed it tho, 

Just read back......sorry to hear peeps have runny tum, noses etc. Get well soon, hugs.

Kef, i'm always looking for the shed key, more often than not its in OH pocket......but sometimes he's out!!


Posted: Today at 10:49

Morning all........just 

pouring down here, and quite dark need the lights on!

Might pop to the gc today for a mooch. Seen a clock at our one Chicky. Hope you find one. Think i've seen them in Homebase too.

Strictly 2014

Posted: Today at 10:42

I did notice she slipped on her dress, but she still made other mistakes and I don't think she should have been given 9s.  Sorry Frank   

Thought Simon deserved higher scores tho.

Agree with Kef, whats happened to Brenden, but then the judges are being much kinder this year. 


Posted: Today at 10:28

Hi Beaus, good to see you. So glad I'm not the only one. I've only got 2 pressies!!  And no food of any sort!  

Strictly 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 22:55

Good show, but don't agree with some of the scores.

I'm probably going to get shouted at, but as Caroline made some mistakes,  she shouldn't have got 9s. Think pixie and Simon should have been higher up the board too.

But do agree Steve should go this week.


Posted: Yesterday at 15:37

Dove, I've got those ads, been there for ghe last two days......the ads I mean.

Saw Bette Midler on loose women the other day, brilliant.

Best wishes to your mum Verdun.

Hugs to Matty.

Have a great evening RB

Glad your fingers are ok DD.

Fairy did you pinch my sofa last night 

Hi yvie good to see you.

fidget best wishes and hugs to you and your family. Have a lovely time at party.

Sorry if i've missed anyone, hugs.

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