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Posted: Today at 13:01

Scared me too  no wonder  the little one is crying 

Belfast Sink Ideas

Posted: Today at 12:41

Well happy Easter to you too, bit aggressive. Ignore button pressed on this one too.

Exactly OL, your sinks ..........


Posted: Today at 12:07

Don't look like my sweetpeas either MrsG, 

Always plant mint in containers too. But lost all mine from last year, so have some new now and planted in a couple of  pots and sunk them in the ground next to the rows of pots.

Off now to family visit have a good day see you later peeps 

Weed ID

Posted: Today at 10:49

No OL, nor can I 

Can anyone identify this weed???

Posted: Today at 10:45

Some people suggested geraniums on my thread nut, so really not sure. May keep it in pot to see what happens.

Decision of the day

Posted: Today at 10:30

We were promised rain yesterday too, and boy did we get it! It was raining from about 8ish nonstop till about 5.30. And not just a drizzle, it was hammering it down the whole time. Hopefully they are wrong for the next few days, rain forecast till weds ......not raining at the mo......


Posted: Today at 10:23

Yes thank you MrsG,  (and fairy)  very helpful. Looked at mine again on saturday, there are a few tiny shoots coming through. So hopefully its not a dead stick! 

Seeing family today, so will be a lovely day.

Just for fun

Posted: Today at 09:28


Posted: Today at 08:49

Morning all,

Dove you can have some of our rain,it poured all day yesterday. We know have large puddles on the grass again. Not raining at the mo but forecast again over the next few days.

Clari brilliant colour, matching so manyitems, you could be starting a new craze

Hope you all have a lovely day, and the WUM has gone. 

Take care everyone TTFN x

Do I talk too much.?

Posted: Today at 00:55

Mike, don't ever think that. As previously said you are never unkind or rude. Always friendly and helpful. Don't worry how long your posts are, if people don't want to read them then that is thier choice.  Hope you are not upset in any way sending hugs. X

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