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star gaze lily

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sorry who is this?

Posted: Today at 10:54

I think someone has ignored me, cos whenever I make comment to them I never get a reply/answer 


Posted: Today at 10:25

Ummm OL you mentioned the C word!! 

Liri, I have a packet of those surgical type gloves for some gardening/cleaning jobs, you could try those for blackberry picking..........although I forgot all about them the other day when I painted the shed!! 

Robert Dyas do them (and many other well known shops) 99p for 10prs good quality too.




Posted: Today at 09:08

Chicky, we've been digging up oak saplings for the last few weeks too, never known so many!  But then last winter I was raking acorns up for ever.......millions of them! 


Posted: Today at 08:16

Morning all, lovely sunny morning.

Like your count down chart OL, why can't we see the other one 

Happy birthday fairylet hope you have a lovely day.

Best wishes to Lesleys mum hugs x

I know I wanted to say something else, but now I've forgotten 


Miscanthus Ferner Osten

Posted: Yesterday at 22:10

Live in sussex, Berkley. Will look on the web site. Thank you 


Posted: Yesterday at 21:01

OL......Don't know what you mean.....


Posted: Yesterday at 19:47

Verdun loves all cakes bekkie, but he luurrvves doughnuts 


Posted: Yesterday at 18:28

Lesley, so sorry to hear your mum is poorly. Very best wishes for a speedy recovery. Love and hugs x

Bekkie a WHOLE  quiche

September babies.............Merry Xmas 


Posted: Yesterday at 10:28

Ooh yes bekkie, I'm a very nice Lily 

Read in the paper today

Posted: Yesterday at 10:24

Like the idea of a 'dessert' island OL, bannoffi pie, chocolate fudge and ice cream, tirrimesu, apple crumble, the list goes on.........and sorry sorry sorry......cheesecake oh yum yum.      Puds are my fav part of the meal ......not that you'd have guessed lol

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