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star gaze lily

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Hallowe'en Party 31 Oct in The Log Cabin, Verdun's Garden

Posted: Yesterday at 18:07

RB.....baking naked.....

a doz of each.....oh yummy, spoilt for choice!   

Hallowe'en Party 31 Oct in The Log Cabin, Verdun's Garden

Posted: Yesterday at 17:02

Forester, you'll need to sneek a couple home if you want me to clear your garage next week 

Looks very yummy RB, what flavour is like carrot cake, lemon drizzle, walnut cake,............soz 

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: Yesterday at 16:55

Glad your mums ok Claire. Well done you for keeping calm. Perhaps it was your sisters way of saying 'she knows he should say sorry'

But you can't make someone of her sons age say it.......and if she did it wouldn't be meant. Maybe when he's older he'll remember and apologise. Hopefully things will slowly improve, but at least you know your Mum thinks things are ok and her feelings are important.

As Kef says, be happy he's not yours   My best wishes Claire and hugs x


Posted: Yesterday at 16:44

I'll pop over in the tardis on Saturday after the party in the cabin!  

bizarre situation- what would you do?

Posted: Yesterday at 14:40

Lol Duk, you do make me smile.

My next door neighbour(now moved) moaned at me a couple of years ago because the oak tree was shedding its leaves on her grass too. And asked me if i could do anything about it........none so queer as folk 


Posted: Yesterday at 14:30

Lol Forester, well where abouts are I have to travel far 

Now let me see........cups of tea, slices of cake and a few free plants.......

Music in the Garden

Posted: Yesterday at 12:33

Yes wished I'd kept some of my lovely suede boots. Wouldn't fit in the clothes I had then tho lol.

My friends elder sister had an afgan coat. Happy days

Hydrangea Pruning

Posted: Yesterday at 10:06

I have a few hydrangeas and prune/cut back in late march/earlyApril depending on the frosts. Always grow back to a good bushy shrub full of flowers.

What to plant under a tree?

Posted: Yesterday at 10:02

Yes sorry Rowie, thats what I meant, so you would have a pop of colour in Spring when the other plants weren't in flower. Meant perhaps one or two small ferns for interest amongst other flowering plants. Astilbes like shade and would mix in with plants suggested by others.

Stacey & her chilli bits

Posted: Yesterday at 09:45

Hi Stacey, just in case you're looking in. Thinking of you, take care and very best wishes xx

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