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star gaze lily

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The Arctic

Posted: Yesterday at 12:01

Bet you wouldn't mind if the big 'bear' was poldark RB 

Newbie alert!

Posted: Yesterday at 11:58

Hi Dave, pleased to meet you 

Garden looks lovely. Love the pathway, good idea re sunken firepit.



Posted: Yesterday at 11:41

Beautiful photos Liri, lovely sunset. 

Thank you for sharing.

The Arctic

Posted: Yesterday at 11:36

Thanks for sharing Puncdoc, looks amazing!

Hadn't really thought about it, but i didn't expect grass either.

Lovely pics, look forward to more 

Brrrrrrr, don't think i could have slept in the tent.

Gardening & what else?

Posted: Yesterday at 11:29

Listening to music.

Reading, knitting, cross stitch, sudocu, crosswords and other puzzles.

Used to like jigsaws, but not done one for ages.

Like photography, but only a learner.

Love spending time with my family and friends.


Music in the Garden

Posted: Yesterday at 10:31

Such very sad news.

Agree David, Beautiful voice and a beautiful lady. Lovely song.

Visit to Bressingham Gardens

Posted: Yesterday at 09:08

Have a lovely time everyone, hope the weather is kind to you.

Lots of pics please..........of TWIGS too


Posted: Yesterday at 08:47

Morning all.

Welcome back Pdoc. WOW, sounds amazing, lots of pics and more stories please. So glad you had a wonderful time.

Have a lovely day Dove and all who are going. Pics please Dove of gardens and Wanderers  Hope the weather is kind to you.

Looking a bit brighter outside and dry at the mo.

Hopefully going out at some point today too, just not sure where yet. Still looking for an arch way.

Have a good day everyone.

DOVE.........don't forget your camera!


Posted: 26/07/2015 at 17:01

STILL raining, it hasn't stopped all day!

At least the water butts are filling up!

wall v hedge

Posted: 26/07/2015 at 14:34

With a public footpath next to it, I would definitely go for a wall. You can always plant things to go in front of it your side. Have your neighbours all got walls too?

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