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star gaze lily

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Get if off your chest.

Posted: Yesterday at 12:01

Glad your son had a good time Tracey. Perhaps the poor lad wanted to come over, but had to do what his mum 'told' him

silly quotes

Posted: Yesterday at 11:56


Garden Gallery 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 11:33

Busy, what is the 'grassy' plant in a pot in your  2nd pic, please.

All right .... own up .... which ones of you do this?

Posted: Yesterday at 11:21


Get if off your chest.

Posted: Yesterday at 10:34

Hope you get a proper apology, that text was a bit late in arriving tho. 

Human irrigation system

Posted: Yesterday at 10:24


Good luck Mike, as Lorraine said we are all with you, bit squashed but there anyway Best wishes and hugs xx


Posted: Yesterday at 10:18

Your probably right Dove, if your looking in tho Stacey, hope you and your family have a very happy Easter, love and hugs Lily xxx

I've just had nearly 80 notifications!! 


Posted: Yesterday at 10:09

Yes please Tracey, and a nice cup of tea to go with it  thank you muchly 


Posted: Yesterday at 10:06

Oooh yes MrsG., my paniwhatsit still looks like a dead twig, there is one teeny tiny shoot on one twig lol but that hasn't got any bigger than when I saw it just over a week ago 

Garden Gallery 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 10:01

Oh WOW Busy, your garden is looking gorgeous, as always, such beautiful colours. Thank you for sharing Busy liz 

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