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star gaze lily

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Posted: 23/04/2014 at 15:13

Thanks Dove.

Ten badges done,  four to go. Having a break in the garden! Done a bit of weeding, so lovely and sunny today. I know only four left, but needed the break lol. Cup of tea then i'll do the rest.



Camera Corner

Posted: 23/04/2014 at 14:39




Thanks Kef.


Posted: 23/04/2014 at 13:08

Don't think any of my neighbours have it, haven't seen any for ages. Fairys right it grows and grows.

Glad the pidgeon arrived safely, you can keepit if want and I send his two mates along tooI

Stapler or glue would be very handy lol 

Gardening with the enemy

Posted: 23/04/2014 at 12:02

Not sure what recycled beer is 


Posted: 23/04/2014 at 11:57

Should arrive soon MrsG, via pidgeon post,  be a good girl tho don't spend it all at once lol .

When you go to the gc, could you look for london pride for me and send pidgeon back with it, i've been looking for ages and ages for it. My mum used to have it and i had it it in my old garden. Can't find it any where.

Have a good day 


Posted: 23/04/2014 at 10:41

Hi Panda, missed you there, hope you have a lovely day with your friend.

Lol, should he really? Idon't mind but, as I said wished they'd been a couple at a time instead of 'collecting' them for one go. And as you know they have to go in particular places  I have a 'map' of where to put them on his jumper. 

Better get started she wants them for tonight!!!! 

Have a good day MrsG, sending hugs x


Posted: 23/04/2014 at 10:28

Hi Punkdoc, good to see you. Glad you had a good Easter, tho I know what you mean about family and friends too lol.

Hi MrsG,  hope its not too bad workwise. Must admit this week off is doing me good.

Lovely sunny day here, but don't think i'll get much time in the garden as i've got 14! Scout badges to sew on for a friends little boy, I must be nuts, wished I'd had them a couple at a time! 

See you later peeps 


Posted: 23/04/2014 at 08:38

Morning all, Happy St George's day everyone.

Ditto  MrsG, hope head is  ok

Dove have a lovely time at son and DILs.

Kef, say hi to your mummy, get her a cake from me 

Hope  Chicky and fairy and everyone at work today have a good one. Really enjoying my week off work, could get used to this

OL,  not too many purchases at gc



Posted: 23/04/2014 at 00:29


OL,  take care, night night.

Where are YOU?

Posted: 23/04/2014 at 00:10

I live in West Sussex.

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