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Inspiration and ideas needed

Posted: 28/09/2012 at 15:13


So many great ideas and opinions, it's a bit overwhelming but exactly what I was looking for.

I really appreciate everybodys input, i'm going to sit down and have a good read through when I get time (12 hour night shifts not recommended!)

Thanks so much again everybody.

p.s. Keep the ideas coming!!

Inspiration and ideas needed

Posted: 26/09/2012 at 15:11

Hi Kate

My budget is a bit tight at the moment, spent way too much on sleepers!, but should be fine by Spring next year.

I'm looking for the garden to be fairly low maintenence, but i'm flexible on that.

My main concern at the moment is getting all the timber and fences painted, they are a bit of a mishmash, and I have this issue of whether I should paint the rest of the sleepers the same as the front wall. I know that's not strictly a gardening question but I was hoping people may have some opinions/ideas.

Thanks for the input.


Inspiration and ideas needed

Posted: 26/09/2012 at 12:47







 Hi all.

I'm looking for some inspiration/advice.

I've almost completed the main structure of my new garden, just got to lay the decking on the left hand side and finish a few bits off.

I'm not very creative, and certainly not green fingered so any ideas for planting etc. would be welcome.

The first issue I need help with is, I have painted the front wall using dark Creoseal and it has turned out much darker than I expected (it's virtually black!). I was going to paint the rest of the sleepers the same colour but am unsure now as it may make the whole garden look too dark, i'm really struggling with this one at the moment.

Just a few bits of info that may help, the garden is pretty much north facing, the soil is clay (nightmare!), there are two very large neighbouring oak trees which cover most of the right half of the garden.

The raised area is intended to be lawn although I am open to ideas. The front border possibly decorative gravel with pots, and the side and rear borders to be planted for cover etc.

I'm sorry if I have been a bit vague and if more info is needed then please ask

Thanks for any input.



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Inspiration and ideas needed

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