London (change)

Stephen W

About me:Well I,m 52 years old and have a bit of ticker trouble so can't do too much in in the way of heavy exertion but I have a reasonably low maintenance garden of approx 100 foot long by 60 foot wide, It is mainly formal with large shrubs on one side and a narrow boarder on the other side with a large wood cabin at the end, next to the cabin i have my patch with compost bins and heaps as well as a general potting area. The garden is formal with a large central lawn and pond next to the garage and decking at the rear of our bungalow, we have been here for 9 years and the garden was completely over grown so much so when we viewed it my wife went in the garden and we could not see here as the weeds was higher than her but over time we have managed to reclaim it. I will post some pictures in due time.
more coming soon...