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Strawberries at Christmas ?

Posted: Yesterday at 23:56

Move to New Zealand?

Tomatoe supports

Posted: Yesterday at 23:53

Ah yes - they tend to be aluminium don't they?  I've had the luxury of a large hardwood greenhouse for a year and a half so I may  not be fully in touch with normal ones !

What's wrong with my onions

Posted: Yesterday at 23:50

If they're nearly full size (well - they won't get a lot bigger now), as Leggi says, this normally happens.  Leave them for a few weeks to ripen in the hot sunshine (you can now let the weeds grow round them - it helps) then harvest when the foliage has died down. 

Tomatoe supports

Posted: Yesterday at 23:42

That sounds like a good idea Bob.  Might it be useful to paint the inside of each hole to prevent corrosion where the galvanising's missing...?

Horticultural Films

Posted: Yesterday at 23:38

I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue  Radio 4's antidote to panel games

Horticultural Films

Posted: Yesterday at 23:24

I do !

??  Maybe I have an American edition.  Or I remembered wrongly (I'm not at home)!

My Little Peony.

For a Few Dahlias More.  Someone should sell this game to ISIHAC

Monty Don.

Posted: Yesterday at 23:18

I think he's a splendid chap.  Good at presenting (even if the director/cameraman is awful at showing us what he's doing) and seems to have a nice personality.  I read his Ivington Diaries    a few years back and I found it fascinating and moving.  And early the other morning (when I couldn't sleep) I caught a prog he'd made about French gardens, which was also fascinating.

Identification & Advice please

Posted: Yesterday at 23:11

  That's useful then!    Just tried enlarging the display.. That works

Glad you've got an answer

Horticultural Films

Posted: Yesterday at 23:09

Gray, I'm afraid.  It's American.  Even though ELJ is British.

Brassica issue

Posted: Yesterday at 23:08

Brassicas annoy me.  So many things cann go wrong with them.  Pigeons, caterpillars, slugs/snails, root fly, club root, other fungal diseases.  I don't even like the taste much.  Hmmm... looks like I've just talked myself out of growing them.  Anyone else reached the same conclusion?

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