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HELLO FORKERS April 2016 Edition

Posted: Today at 12:17

Is spring here?  No rain since yesterday!   I've actually cut the "lawn" this morning, as well as bundling up a load of débris for collection.

weed large leaves 18 inches ish and tiny blue flowers

Posted: Today at 12:12

It is indeed, and the bees love it.  If you can confine it to a shady and otherwise useless corner, fine; otherwise get rid of it.  I've got it in my little yard and if I didn't keep pulling it out I'd have nothing else.  Except brambles.

Suggestions for a novice please

Posted: Today at 12:10

"i fell asleep on a half manured half dug raised bed"

Looks like you've got your work cut out, Amy.  Get digging!

The moss indicates that the soil is damp, poor in nutrients and shaded, otherwise weeds would have grown there.   Mosy crops will cope with some shade - although tomatoes and other Mediterranean-type plants do far better with full sun.  Lettuce actually does better in partial shade, in high summer at least, and most soft fruit (sadly not strawberries, which do beter in full sun)  being originally woodland plants, will also be fine with some shade.

Get it cleared, get a load of well rotted manure into it (athough not where you're going to put the carrots) and get the seeds in asap!

Newly planted Common Laurel Care

Posted: Today at 08:37

They're certainly tough.  I've been trying to get rid of them for years.  Keep them under tight control, or they'll take over your garden!

HELLO FORKERS April 2016 Edition

Posted: Today at 08:36

Blast!  Another get-rich-quick scheme bites the dust.

Improvement: A layer of bubblewrap (the large-bubble type) between the two layers of glass. Extra insulation and cuts down convection currents, which would be a problem with such a large space/area of mobile air between he glass.

You're welcome.  I'll take 40%. 

Beware bark chippings!

Posted: Today at 08:31

...and how exactly do you amuse the compost, pray?

Good idea to get chippings from a tree surgeon - my friends do, for paths, around the beehives & elsewhere.  And firewood!

HELLO FORKERS April 2016 Edition

Posted: Today at 08:29

That is a brilliant idea, FB (and good morning to you).  Patent it quickly!  You've got till Tuesday to draw up the designs.  I'll help, and we can make our millions!

Late vegetable bed

Posted: Today at 08:26

They do like it cold, actually.  Maybe Magpie's right (Good morning, Mr Magpie, and how's your wife?) - stick to runners/frenchies for this summer.  Aquadulce is the BB variety to sow in October for a crop in May.

HELLO FORKERS April 2016 Edition

Posted: Today at 08:23

Morning Dove/Joyce/Lily; good evening Pat

No doubt the rain will eventuate eventually Pat .  You can have some of ours if you like.  Although having said that it hardly rained yesterday, and the f/c is dry all w/e here.  I might even cut the "lawn".


Slug explosion

Posted: Today at 07:50

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