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Posted: 01/02/2017 at 13:16

Thanks GWRS :-)

The chairs came from an old church (if you look carefully you can see the hymn-book racks at the backs) but annoyingly, are just too wide to fit side by side under the bigger tables!  The settees were just about the only furniture that was bought new.

The metallic strips on the wall are decorative "copper" tape (no good anti-slug,I'm afraid) but he house is made of about 9000 pennies.  They're stuck onto backing boards (which were jolly heavy to lift into place!) and varnished.

The window is usually steamed up!


Posted: 31/01/2017 at 11:37

They've been varnished, Aster, with two or three coats of floor varnish, to provide a wipe-clean surface.

The café opened 2nd January and has been busy ever since!  I took these photos on Sunday, when it was closed for us to do some painting.  Interesting coffees & teas, all fair-traded; home made soups; toasties, cakes and especially cinnamon buns

I'm sitting in here now, with my lapdog and a nice cup of coffee.

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Posted: 28/01/2017 at 15:12

At long last I thought I'd post pics of my completed café tables made from pallets.

..well, in view of how long it's taking to upload, maybe just this one....


The café is now open, with about 14 of these, of various sizes, in use.

Donald or hillary?

Posted: 09/11/2016 at 16:14

Aha!  ..or... AHA!   FAIRY NUFF.


Donald or hillary?

Posted: 09/11/2016 at 16:02

There's a lot of shouting going on here - maybe everyone's angry at the result, which is understandable.  Or maybe the Caps Lock key has got stuck.

How long before someone shoots Trump?

HELLO FORKERS! October Edition

Posted: 14/10/2016 at 20:56

Hi all

Hope all are well.

Def too early - Monty's on!

Just (yesterday) got through harvesting 50kg+ of apples (Crispin) from IB; now en route to the boat....whose engine is finally being fitted next week!

Why are blackbirds digging the garden

Posted: 14/10/2016 at 20:39

The nematode worms are very specific as to their host and will only attack the beasties they're s'posed to.

It's usually starlings that dig up lawns looking for leatherjackets.


Posted: 24/09/2016 at 16:59

Stand by.......

(those of a nervous disposition may wish to vacate the premises)




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Daffodil and tulip bulbs

Posted: 18/09/2016 at 22:41

Daffs look like elongated small onions; tulips have a smoother, shinier outer layer with some flattish bits and usually some white bits showing through.

Leave the leaves

Posted: 18/09/2016 at 21:08

Exactly so, Onopordum.

Several years ago I nearly got a job as a technician at a municipal composting site.  My duties would have included scaling the 10m-high heaps every morning and thrusting in a thermometer to measure the temperature at various points.  Once it fell below 60 deg. C, the bulldozers were called in to turn the heaps and make them heat up again.  SO they get pretty hot and do indeed kill everything in there.

BUT there's no guarantee it's free of bits of plastic, glass and metal.  That depends mostly on what people put in.

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