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Tomato blight treatment help

Posted: Today at 16:03

Is it worth, I wonder, taking the uninfected trusses off the plants and ripening them elsewhere after a good wash?  They could be stored like grapes with the stem in a bottle of water.

I really wouldn't use pesticides on stuff you're about to eat, 'biosafe' or not!

How much....

Posted: Today at 15:59

Morris Minor Traveller.  AAP 427B.  British Racing Green

No idea how much it cost as my dad bought it for me in 1974.  Great car.  Passed my test in that too.    It was a pleasure to work on the engine as there was so much room under the bonnet.  Wouldn't get that nowadays

(I don't think mine was ever quite as shiny as this one!)

Butternut squash- but no sign of fruit

Posted: Today at 15:22

We have them growing at one end of the squash bed and prop up a stout A-frame on the plastic pipe arch that until recently supported the net over a blackcurrant.

(Hmmm...that's a bit of a convoluted description but I'm 300 miles away from it at the moment so can't post a photo...)

Good luck!

I need some help please!?

Posted: Yesterday at 23:13

... but even if it were poisonous that wouldn't necessitate its removal.  Babies can't get to the berries; toddlers tend to be well-supervised and this continues till they've learned not to eat anything from the garden until they know that it's OK.

N'est c'pas?

I need some help please!?

Posted: Yesterday at 21:02

You can also add a sprig of the flowers to stewing gooseberries

I need some help please!?

Posted: Yesterday at 20:19

..but can be headache-inducing


Butternut squash- but no sign of fruit

Posted: Yesterday at 19:35

Squashes tend to rot like that if they get wet.  Keeping them off the ground is a good plan put a tile underneath, sloping so it drains.  Butternuts are climbers but the fruit, if they do well, are heavy, so the supports need to be strong.

I wonder if it will hybridise with the cucumber?

symbols for emotions

Posted: Yesterday at 19:32

Is this an underground weed?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:19

Def not bindweed.  It's a monocot but further than that I wouldn't like to say.

Bedding plants - flowering now and for a few months to come?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:03

It's not the companies being awkward - when plants are available depends on their life cycle.

Winter-flowering pansies are in the shops already, and some will be in flower or have pictures on the labels so you can see what you're getting.  Don't know about primroses/primulas but I'm sur you can buy them soon.  They normally flower in early spring but I daresay the breeders have made them do so earlier.

Wallflowers are biennials - they'll have been sown early this summer and are normally planted out now-ish to flower next spring.   Again, you may be able to find earlier-flowering ones.

If you have a good local garden centre or nursery (i.e. one without a coffee shop or overpriced presents) you may find a knowledgeable nurseryman who can show you what's available.

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