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Steve green

About me:Been an avid gardener and have studied gardening. over the years. Spring is my favourite month as the gardens comes to life Have a large rectangle garden measuring 10m x 70m with a curved lawn with deep boarders either side. My boarders are full of a selection of shrubs that are spaced so that they can maximise their spread. I love old type shrubs such as mock orange and weigella? Also piers and black leafed sambucus I have large sways of perennials that are planted in blocks of 5 and 7 to give greater intensity of colour I use perennials such as day lillys, agapanthus, lobelia, rudbeckia, phlox. An assortment of clematis are planted to grow through the matur eshrubs to lift the colours to a good height My garden is basically a summer one because of the hours of sun it' gets My shady area which is situated midway in the garden under a dansum tree. Here I have great combos such as Japanese ferns and variegated hostas either side of a stepped pathway on to the next curved lawn Gardening has become a great passion and I live for each moment I spend in my garden It's is true that you start and finish projects in the garden but you will never be completely satisfied with the end result and I strive every season to hopefully sit down on my paved patio on a warm sunny day to see what my hard works has produced I do love colour in my garden and always have baskets and pots full of summer bedding plants surrounding my patio area I am a text book gardener in that I study good gardening technique and put it in to practise The old saying of paying more for what you put in to the soil than the plant to put in to the soil is very true A lot of inexperienced gardener believe that you can achieve good results by ignoring this practice It's is only when their plants and shrubs do not perform or die do they realise that preparing the soil is the hard work you have to put in to your garden to get the best results
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