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Massive Hydrangea

Posted: 09/09/2013 at 20:46

They are pretty bombproof. When I was a novice, I chopped mine back hard after flowering and they still survived but I am in Surrey and the garden is fairly sheltered. The theory is that leaving the flowers and stems in place helps protect the base. 

Massive Hydrangea

Posted: 09/09/2013 at 19:05

I did remove a third one earlier this year and it had quite shallow if persistent roots so only took twenty minutes to remove. Replaced it with a Sarcococcus so no bald sticks outside our back door in winter from now on. Instead, vanilla scented flowers!

Massive Hydrangea

Posted: 09/09/2013 at 19:02

I have two and one was ridiculous, I chopped it to the ground in spring and it is now a 4' green, healthy but flowerless ball again and next spring I will cut it back to side buds so that it flowers.

Buying Garden Land

Posted: 08/09/2013 at 23:31

Has anyone ever bought or sold garden land to neighbours?


Posted: 31/08/2013 at 11:50

When removing a large stump from our garden, I found a crowbar very handy for splilling roots. Either make a groove with an axe to allow it it or if they are a little bit soft, you can actually hammer it in and then lever away!


Posted: 09/08/2013 at 12:05

Sorry to be a killjoy but as a vet I can assure you that the dog rocks and diet changes are a bit of a con. The best solutions are training to a specific point and living with that being awful or get a bucket of water and wash away each and every pee!


Posted: 03/08/2013 at 19:37

Chop it to the base and they don't grow back. They do try to suck the life out of the soil beneath them though!

Confession- slug olympics

Posted: 07/07/2013 at 08:41

I pop any I collect into the garden recyling bin and they seem quite happy in there until they are collected by the local council and removed to pastures new!

How did you get into gardening?

Posted: 22/06/2013 at 09:20

This is an interesting question. As a child I reluctantly would help Dad do stuff though I am sure he mostly planted flowers to keep Mum happy and veg as he wasn't a high income earner.

I lived in flats for years with houseplants. Moved to Asia and pretty much had no plants at all but in my late 30s, when I was moving back to the UK and looking at houses online, I found myself unable to look at a house without judging the garden and it suddenly became essential to me that any house I bought must have a decent sized garden.

It has been said that I was born middle aged...

nut for water butt tap

Posted: 18/06/2013 at 12:32

Depending where you are in the country there may be a supplier who does mainly nuts and bolts and sells all bits separately. There certainly is one in Farnham.

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