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Steve J

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Cleaning patio

Posted: 25/02/2014 at 20:34

I assaulted our paved area at work with nothing more than a bucket of water and a stiff brush and it cleared it nicely.

Fire pit off gardeners world tv programme.

Posted: 17/02/2014 at 23:50

Be careful with them though, I've been looking at them on and off for a year or two and the quality is amazingly variable from thick and expensive to cheap and made of tinfoil!

Gardener come.....

Posted: 06/02/2014 at 21:26

Domestic pets really, not farm or horses.


Gardener come.....

Posted: 06/02/2014 at 20:13

There are loads of nurses on here, I seem to be the only doggy doctor.

Doggy not dodgy!

Gardener come.....

Posted: 05/02/2014 at 10:48
I'd like to point out that I'm not the skilled stonemason, it's the person that I quoted from that is!

Gardener come.....

Posted: 04/02/2014 at 23:31
Lyn wrote (see)
Steve J wrote (see)

My pic gives me away...

Male model 

Some photos of our job.

 This is the Baring Gould monuments before and after


Here is a marble one, (My speciality)


I am past retirement age but still do the odd few, it is a bit of a labour of love!. especially the marble ones where you have to be so careful because the stone is very soft, I use a toothbrush, toothpicks, anything tiny to get into the little creases around the flowers, takes several days to complete.

The best part about it is that I can sit in a churchyard, completely alone and peaceful, not many can do that in their workplace.

Why, thank you!

Proud Father

Posted: 03/02/2014 at 10:35
So now I'm going to be passive aggressively abused for posting a reasonable statement. That makes me feel very welcome.

Gardener come.....

Posted: 02/02/2014 at 23:03

My pic gives me away...

Proud Father

Posted: 02/02/2014 at 22:58

I fail to see why I upset you, I started my post with 'well done' and merely questioned why it was posted to a gardening forum. Hardly rage inducing.

Proud Father

Posted: 02/02/2014 at 21:50

Well done but unless his exams were on pruning, not terribly relevant for this forum...

More for the book of the face really.

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