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Steve the Gardening Vet

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Monty's new hat

Posted: Today at 17:46
With my colouring???

Posting Issues?

Posted: Today at 17:14
Quotes haven't worked for me for ages!

Monty's new hat

Posted: Today at 14:27
I picked up a rather fetching sizal fedora at the Losely Park local gardening show!

Posting Issues?

Posted: Today at 12:27
You people and your icons!

Posting Issues?

Posted: Today at 11:54
I thought I'd upset someone!

Posting Issues?

Posted: Today at 11:45
Testing, testing! Now it works from my iMac. Thanks Chicky!

Posting Issues?

Posted: Today at 11:36
I can't post via iPad or my MacBook today. Anyone else? Phone is fine, not tried iMac yet. Tried Safari and Firefox.

So pleased

Posted: Today at 07:18
Yes Hollie Hock, they can't really deal with fish based food. Meat only or as people are saying, the moist hedgehog food that is easy to find.

So pleased

Posted: Yesterday at 22:23

If you have netting in the garden, please check it daily. We have a hedgepig in clinic who got stuck and came in both injured and dehydrated. He is a bit touch and go at the moment.

The Instant Gardener

Posted: Yesterday at 21:17

Oh. My. God.


I've just seen AJ's 'device' for concealing Aimee's draughty orifice...

1 to 10 of 673

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