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Has anybody got any tips?

Posted: 25/04/2016 at 21:44

Though it does ensure the chips are lovely and slippery, water resistant too!

Has anybody got any tips?

Posted: 25/04/2016 at 21:40

I find vinegar to be surprisingly good on chips but for some reason WD40 is less so...

Have you got yours yet?

Posted: 08/04/2016 at 14:16
Tetley wrote (see)

Does "little island mentality" mean stupid Steve 

I also fear for the young in this country that`s why I will vote "leave" Hosta.

I wonder if the "leave" group can spare a few million pounds to scatter leaflets to all and sundry  

Glossy paper is useless verdun, it`s not even good to hang behind the lavvy door 




Tetley, I never used the word stupid. Do I think brexiters are naive and paranoid, yes.


On the subject of leaflets, I have had three through the door, all very official looking from 'leave' organisations, at least a couple of their 'facts' most certainly incorrect.

Have you got yours yet?

Posted: 07/04/2016 at 19:13

Did I really just see the old myth of 'straight cucumbers' in this thread? That is well known as having been made up by the hate filled Daily Fail...

Have you got yours yet?

Posted: 07/04/2016 at 19:10

I'm still stunned by the little island mentality that people think magically we will be able to trade with Europe on the same terms (we won't) and that any deal with Europe if we are daft enough to exit will not automatically require freedom of movement.


Isolationism is a bad thing, this world will only grow up once we can all agree on things...

Greenhouse thingy

Posted: 07/04/2016 at 19:02

I'm about to go on holiday for best part of a week so all is on hold until I return!


Charlie Dimmock

Posted: 07/04/2016 at 08:29

Just had a bit of a google to see if I could find out anything about Charlie's new show and all I can find is 'Ooh, hasn't Charlie gained a bit of weight' stories.



Dog wee and my lawn

Posted: 29/03/2016 at 22:24

Tomatoes aren't toxic to dogs but they don't do anything to the urine!

Dog wee and my lawn

Posted: 29/03/2016 at 22:15

The reason that bitch wee does harm is that it is left in a puddle, dogs spray a smaller volume onto vertical plants rather than onto the lawn.

Dog wee and my lawn

Posted: 29/03/2016 at 22:14

Dog rocks do nothing. They are merely snake oil. The only solution is to pop out after the dog pees and rinse it off with a watering can.

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