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Lavender from seed

Posted: 17/07/2012 at 21:09


Some time ago I bought a pack which contained seeds for 6 different varieties of Lavender (Blue River, Stoechas, Hidcote, Oregano scented, Munstead Blue & Dwarf Mixed). The pack advises to place in the fridge for 2-3 weeks and then sow between January and April. as I was so busy with so much else in the garden, the lavender sadly got forgotten. I'll sow a few of each and hope for the best, keeping indoors/protected over winter if needs be. However, for best results, shall I leave the seed packs in the fridge until next January and sow as directed then, or leave them somewhere dark and cool (but not the fridge) until sowing or until putting into the fridge again for another 2-3 weeks next Jan? Do they need to be sown after this cold period, or will they be ok after a less cold period, will they be damaged if left for an extended cold period? Just not sure and would appreciate some advice.


what feed?

Posted: 10/07/2012 at 08:14

great tips- many thanks

what feed?

Posted: 08/07/2012 at 22:02

Many thanks for this, especially as i now know what i need to get the most from the hostas!

Thank you

what feed?

Posted: 08/07/2012 at 14:19


I was just reading an article in the RHS mag that said magnesium deficiency causing yellowing leaves etc, can be caused by over use of nitrogen feeds such as tomato feed as potassium competes with magnesium for uptake by plants.

I use as much home made compost on my garden as i can get, tomato feed on toms, and a nettle feed (every few weeks or so- well watered down) & pelleted chicken manure (occasionally) as a general feed for all flowering plants, fruit and veg. I also have quite a few ferns and hostas.

Is there a gernal rule of thumb with regard to what feeds to use and for which plant? are soem feeds better suited to foliage plants and others flowering or fruiting plants?

All this has really made me wonder if i'm doing the right thing.I'd really appreciate some straightforward advice.

many thanks in advance

weed or plant ID help needed

Posted: 05/06/2012 at 16:38

I really appreciate all your suggestions.

I did have an aster last year or the year before, but can't remember where i planted it and thought it hadn't survived the winter. I guess perhaps it did after all, and has seeded itself, there's rather a lot of it. I've replanted some that I'd dug up, will wait and see.

weed or plant ID help needed

Posted: 04/06/2012 at 11:15

Many thanks- I'll stop pulling it all out then.

weed or plant ID help needed

Posted: 03/06/2012 at 19:36

not sure why these images aren't displaying, i hve ensured they're public.

leafy thing:


red bit in the middle:



weed or plant ID help needed

Posted: 03/06/2012 at 19:31


I wonder if anyone could help identify these two plants, they've come up in a border and i don't recognise them so suspect theyr're weeds. The first there are quite a few of, about two foot tall (at present in south east), leafy,no buds so far. Seems to be fairly shallow rooted, cream coloured & fibrous, but spreading through roots.

the second with the red centre, I've not pulled this up yet so not sure bout roots. there is just the one I've found so far, it's about 40cmtall and has a ed centre (not the lupin the background)


any  advice & suggestions gratefully




Posted: 15/05/2012 at 08:27

Thanks for your comments. I'll continue composting it, if nothing else it's bulks it up, but will avoid the roots. I take it flowers are OK so long as they've not yet set seed?


Posted: 07/05/2012 at 22:35


My garden has loads of green alkanet growing. A few years ago ( before i'd realised what this was) someone told me it was comfrey, so i'd been composting it for quite some time before i found out otherwise. Now i know better, but given it's part of the same family as comfrey, I wondered if it is it advisable to compost the leaves and stems, leaving the roots and flowers to the local dump or should i remove all of it to the dump?

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