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Well rotted manure

Posted: 11/11/2012 at 18:38

Carrots and parsnips dont like manure ,it will cause them to fork.Received wisdom says they should only be planted in ground manured for a previous crop.You should not manure the section where you will be planting carrotrs and parsnips.almost everything else will be fine with manure that has been dug in,or spread over the plot the previous autumn.A covering 2 to3 inches deep is recomended.Some vegetables are happy in freshly manured ground,eg potatoes,peas,beans,brasicas.In order to avoid having to manure virtually your entire plot every year,it is usual practise to manure one third of a plot as part of rotational growing.This means the entire plot is manured every 3 years.Much easier on the back.  Good luck.   C.G.

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