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Re-planted Sunflowers - Leaves wilting, generally not as expected

Posted: 27/05/2013 at 13:28

Would you mind keeping me updated on this thread on how they turn out? 

My son grew 3 sunflowers at nursery and they have just sent them home now for the parents to finish off 

I have already repotted them into large pots as there were 3 flowers all in 1 tiny pot. I did see the leaves wilt ever so slightly at first but they seem ok now.

The next stage will be to put them in the garden. Would be interested to see how long it took yours to recover and start to grow again (want to be able to reassure my son i havent destroyed his plants!)

Many thanks


White spots on leaves of chilli plant

Posted: 27/05/2013 at 13:23


My chilli plants are coming along nicely in the window in my kitchen, only problem is when i was cleaning around them (should have moved them and will do next time!) i think some of my Flash Kitchen spray has landed on 4 of the 9 leaves on the plant, they havent wilted as such but they have got little white spots on them.

Do you think it would be better/safer to remove these leaves (and where is the best place to do so, the leaf or where it stems from the main plant) or will this kill the plant so better to leave it a bit longer until i remove them?

Many thanks!

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