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Tomato plants ordered haven't arrived

Posted: 08/05/2014 at 15:46

Yes I also sent for free tomato and Chilli plants in March.  Cheque cashed but know sign of any free plants.  It appears these were from Thompson and Morgan, as I've seen lots of complaints about this company on other web sites I don't hold out much chance of receiving these


Posted: 05/11/2012 at 21:36

Thanks everyone for taking the trouble to reply to my enquiry.  Yes it is like the one above but I must admit the flowers have never been as large as those.  I did think I had lost it last winter as it seemed to take forever to come into leaf. I think I planted it in the wrong position too, it was rather hidden in the shade.  That is the reason I want to pot it because I can then move it around to the sunniest part of the garden. Cheers.


Posted: 03/11/2012 at 22:09

Hello sotongeoff

Not sure of the variety but it definetly is a hardy plant as it survived outside last winter, its blue in colour, dont know if that helps at all.  thanks.


Posted: 02/11/2012 at 20:44

I have a hisbiscus which hasnt been too succesful over the summer, I'm thinking of moving it and putting it into a pot.  Can some one let me know if I can dig it up now or do I have to wait.  Many thanks

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