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Help! Health of Red Pepper Plant in Greenhouse

Posted: 15/06/2013 at 12:24
Bob - would love to have posted a photo but there's a glitch on the forum site which means that when I'm signed in there are no formatting buttons shown - they're all there when I'm not signed in though! Have reported it.

Thanks for your help but it's not looking good. The shiny black areas on the plant yesterday are, today, growing fur coats and I noticed the same on the yellow pepper and chilli. It looks like Botyritis so I've binned them all before it spreads to all my toms. As I said, it's my first greenhouse season and I'm learning as I go how to control the ventilation - humidity has been very high after the sun has gone down, but as it's been going down to 7-8oC at night I closed the louvres to keep it a bit warmer. Mistake!

KEF Cannot sign in

Posted: 15/06/2013 at 12:18
My problem is this ... how come, when I'm typing in this box, and not signed in, all the formatting buttons are shown? When I am signed in - as of right now - there are no formatting buttons showing!! Weird. Please can you sort it out?

Incidentally, I had the same problem as Pampus a couple of weeks ago - nearly drove me mad it did - but I had no problems signing in on the following day. As far as I remember, I think I just ignored the 'Forgotten Password' bit on the left of the page and went to the usual log in on the right hand side and it worked, but .... technology being what it is, that could all change tomorrow.....

Help! Health of Red Pepper Plant in Greenhouse

Posted: 15/06/2013 at 09:33
I'm new to greenhouse gardening and just noticed black areas on my red pepper plant where the flower stem meets the main stem ... It looks like some kind of rot, to me. Can't find any info or images on line - is this likely to run riot through all my peppers, chillis and tomatoes? Or should I just remove the affected flower stems - or the affected plant? All help gratefully received!

B&Q M.Purpose Compost Issues.

Posted: 15/06/2013 at 09:20
This is my first year with a greenhouse and I thought it better to use bought compost rather than my own to avoid unnecessary weed seeds etc. Used B&Q Verve and it was absolute rubbish. I watered my tomato plants in and the water just poured straight through and was immediately a dark brown colour - leached nutrients? I waited to see if it would soak back into the pots but no - it just sat there, the plants wilted and within 12 hours the water in the plant trays started to smell. I chucked it all out and replanted into Monty's recipe - I already had all of the ingredients! Result - beautiful healthy plants growing away ... Ta-daa.

B&Q Verve is not multi purpose at all - in fact it's only any use as an outside mulch, or as 20% of an outside soil improvement recipe. I have to confess to lurking near the stacks of it at my last visit to B&Q to mention this to potential buyers - but I didn't see any!

Birch Tree losing leaves in July

Posted: 14/06/2013 at 23:45
Hi Nicola ... emailed various organisations for help diagnosing my birch tree's problems and had a very prompt reply from the Plant Health Department at Forestry Commission Scotland - from the photos I sent them they are pretty sure the culprit is as follows ...

"The leaf spotting on the second photo is almost certainly caused by the fungus Marssonina betulae which in a wet summer can cause heavy defoliation and sometimes shoot die back. With large trees there is no practical control of this fungus and although the fungus may cause shoot die back it should not kill the tree although the foliage may be more sparse this year."

Sure enough, Googling the fungus name led me to images which do match my tree's symptoms. Will wait, with interest, to see what the other organisations have to offer, and will post here if there are different views.

Still apprehensive about the long term survival of my Very Old Lady of the Woods if we get more wet summers - leading to more fungus, more die back, and less leaf cover weakening the tree ..... but your 30 year old youngster should be OK!

Chris Beardshaw to join Beechgrove Garden

Posted: 14/06/2013 at 23:32
Last night I found myself unusually able to sit down on a Thursday and tuned into Beechgrove for the first time since the inaugural national showing - in the depths of the snow in March - and, as fate would have it, I found Chris Beardshaw planting around the burn, varieties of the same plants which I've had sitting in pots in various stages of rescue for months, having been too busy making new veggie plot to do anything with them. Result - one problem corner completely transformed in an hour, this morning. THANK YOU CHRIS!!!

Birch Tree losing leaves in July

Posted: 08/06/2013 at 22:11
Hello PatT3 .... How are your birch trees this year? My tree managed to produce about 30% new leaf cover in late summer last year and started coming into leaf again about 4 weeks ago. Today, I noticed the new leaves are falling. They are brown spotted on the reverse just as last year - no sign of aphids though - maybe it's a bit early for them? New leaves are still opening and looking healthy - but am anticipating the same behaviour from them in about 4 weeks. I fear the tree has been unable to store enough energy from reduced leaf coverage last year to take it through the longest winter for 50 years! Can't seem to find any conclusive diagnosis on the web - think I'll contact the Botanics next week to see if they can help. This could be the year drastic action has to be taken - I'll be heartbroken :'-(

A Cautionary Tale .....

Posted: 04/06/2013 at 20:43
Yes ... they really know how to get us, don't they - hook, line and sinker!

The other FAVOURITE, FAVOURITE, fruit of mine which I've had to eliminate is autumn fruiting raspberry - I'm heartbroken but "Such an easy plant to grow - doesn't need the framework and maintenance that summer varieties do" .... Yeah, right! I think it's in a secret society with bamboo!
In process of re-configuring veggie garden and am opting for summer raspberries instead - swapping one kind of 'maintenance' for another!

A Cautionary Tale .....

Posted: 04/06/2013 at 17:20
I expect it will be too late for many who have succumbed to the charms of Schizostylis, the Kaffir Lily, but if you have one in a pot, my advice is to leave it there and don't plant it in the open ground. The flowers are very beautiful and I used to value it as it bloomed in November - but it's run riot through my lavender, paeonies and roses. I filled 4 trugs full of unwanted shoots in February but the roots are very brittle and each bit left behind has grown tentacles, with small rhizomes too. It's worse than couch grass!!!

Chris Beardshaw to join Beechgrove Garden

Posted: 25/03/2013 at 22:30
I always thought lightboxes were for photographers, quilters and other craftspersons - haven't come across them for gardeners - are they any different to windowsills?

I must have been very unfortunate in my Beechgrove eavesdropping - didn't come across anything that held my attention for long - last time I hurriedly changed channel after hearing Carol say she was going to demonstrate Cloud Pruning - and then proceeded to snip at something in a 5" pot ..... dear god!

As for seeming pressured or stressed or rushed - I also remember dropping in to one episode where an extremely animated Caroline Spray was trying to cram in the promotion of a mountain of gardening "gifts" which, of course, you could buy from her garden centre.

As I said - I must have been unlucky - and it just goes to show how many approaches to gardening there are. The bottom line is that whatever you watch it only works if it makes you want to get out there and do it!

I'll tune in to Beechgrove when Chris Beardshaw joins them

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