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Plants still in flower?

Posted: 08/01/2012 at 16:57

 I like most people have a garden which doesn't know where it should be, i had a rhodi flower in november for the second time, my snapdragons are on the third flowering and i have a self set of lobelia in a tub with a magnolia tree which has been in bloom since mid may and still going and its JANUARY!!!! 

Plants still in flower

Posted: 08/01/2012 at 16:42

Well I think the season's have gone all to pot. In my back yard I have a few pots with several plants in and I am amazed that there is so many flowering at this time of year, today 8th of january i have snap dragons on the third flourish, geraniums still flowering and lastly some self set lobelia which has been in flower since mid may. I have not tended to the plants since october, so who is looking after them? My rhodedendeum also flowered in november!!!!

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