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Posted: 07/04/2012 at 12:19

We've been communicating since 2005 with our neighbour about a row of 30' tall Leylandii which makes it impssible to grow anything including vegatables in their shadow, in the winter the shade lengthens to over 100' and our home loses any warming benefit of the sun.  But sadly no matter what we say about the unpleasant effects of these trees our neighbour doesn't care.  We recently realised that 4 of these trees are on our side and we cut them down to 12' which made him cut the others to the same height.  The difference this has made in the light that comes through is unbelievable and we can now see a huge Ash tree that we had no idea was there even though we've lived in our house 25 years!  Yesterday we had a row because we advise him that we were going to cut our ones down to the ground and plant other shrubs and he went berserk and abused and threatened us after which we called the police. Leylandii growers tend to have a selfish and aggressive temperament, sadly bringing out the worst in others too.

Leylandii are damaging to the environment by blocking light and heat to homes, we could turn lights off and our CH thermostat down if the sun comes in. They cause depression. They prevent neighbours from the use and enjoyment of their own garden. These deprivations are no less anti-social than smoking in public.  Surely the actions of one party to the detriment of the other should be outlawed. When are these horrible plants going to be seen as the evil that they are? There are hundreds of alternative shrubs/trees to grow why allow something that hurts people to continue doing so?  Sadly it is the older generation who are the victims more than other groups and older people don't count as much, do they? 

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