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GWF Day Out: The Beth Chatto Gardens, Colchester: Sunday 10 Aug

Posted: 05/08/2014 at 22:21

Arghh! 3rd attempt. Page keeps reloading mid type And losing what I've put. Will post in bits.

Astrantia Addict

Posted: 05/08/2014 at 21:52

I got some free bare root ones from GW in the winter.  They're just about flowering now and I'm really not impressed.  They are a dirty white/ grey.  I thought they were supposed to be dark red.  up close they've got pinky bits.  Any chance they colour up as they develop or have I got rubbish ones?

Jasmines nearly had it!

Posted: 05/08/2014 at 07:19

Just been reading up on indoor jasmine since seeing your post and thinking it'd be nice to have one.  They sound fussy!  changing rooms throughout the year?? 

GWF Day Out: The Beth Chatto Gardens, Colchester: Sunday 10 Aug

Posted: 05/08/2014 at 06:34

Yeys Panda! My intention was to pick up Dove and Panda but hubbie has made a bid for the car.  I could drop him and little man off before we go though so bear with me while we work it out!

GWF Day Out: The Beth Chatto Gardens, Colchester: Sunday 10 Aug

Posted: 04/08/2014 at 19:24

What time do you want to go guys?  Late morning? Or just after lunch?

where's panda?

Greenhouse Advice

Posted: 04/08/2014 at 19:23

My greenhouse is 6x 12 Yviestevie.  Plan is to do some winter salad, and from feb time start sowing perennials to fill borders I'm making.  I'll also be trying to overwinter some fuchsia and argyranthemums and cuttings. Then in spring some toms and eventually start off veg once I've more time and the veg plot is built. I was very excited today when wondering what to do with my old large hamster cage it dawned on me the base is perfect for growing the little round carrots I've just bought the seeds for - I'm going to give a go in the greenhouse this winter.  Just need to drill a few holes In the tray.

Greenhouse Advice

Posted: 04/08/2014 at 17:26

Hi Yviestevie.  It'll be my first winter with a greenhouse too. I'm busy collecting polystyrene to help with the more tender items. I'm hoping raising them up and putting pots onto / into polystyrene and bubble wrap will help. Got very excited when got new dishwasher few weeks ago as came on large polystyrene tray....

GWF Day Out: The Beth Chatto Gardens, Colchester: Sunday 10 Aug

Posted: 04/08/2014 at 06:16

Morning all!   Bumpetty bump!


Posted: 25/07/2014 at 06:30

Yes please. FIL will be here but he won't think to water anything....However I'm hoping a shelf or two might appear....


Posted: 25/07/2014 at 06:22

Just a quick hello.  Going away for a few days and won't have t'interweb..... so will have a lot of reading to do when I get back!  See you soon 

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