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Posted: 14/07/2014 at 19:52

Edd, brilliant!


Posted: 13/07/2014 at 22:23

I'm tempted to try a ratchet anvil type.  At least would stop me trying my bypass on inappropriate wood! Artjak, I treated myself to a felco earlier in the year. They do a smaller lighter version (no 6) of the most popular for slightly smaller hands. And they avoided the temptation to colour it pink or purple!

is this a goodie or baddie?

Posted: 13/07/2014 at 21:03

Also agree with the staying out of it. Suppose wasp fly boy also predates on bug x. And bug X also hurts bees but worse. Then getting rid of wasp fly boy means more bug x and worse bees.


nutcutlet wrote (see)

Don't apologise Susie. You're thinking about it. More people should do that.


Like that comment, Nut.  


Posted: 13/07/2014 at 07:07
That's handy. I did wonder what anvil ones were for but never got round to looking up. Does anyone regularly use the anvil ones?

Who knows their roses?

Posted: 13/07/2014 at 07:06
Ta Dove. I see others have given on alternatives so superfluous anyway. But I thought I'd give the correction in case anyone interested. I bought 14 roses from there in the winter. All doing very well. I liked their search engine so may be of use to G Deadhead.

Who knows their roses?

Posted: 13/07/2014 at 06:55
Typo in mine above. Should have been

Feeling proud

Posted: 12/07/2014 at 21:28
Yeys! Good you you Pauline!!

Winter greenhouse salad / veg

Posted: 12/07/2014 at 21:21
Carrots? In greenhouse? Really? That sounds fun! Any particular variety? I assume babies? Should I sow in pots outside now and then move in in autumn? Or what?
Does carrot fly exist in winter?

Making a potting bench

Posted: 12/07/2014 at 21:16
Very impressed. If you need someone to trial a prototype, just ask....;)

Winter greenhouse salad / veg

Posted: 12/07/2014 at 10:38
So you can get a spring onion and radish crop in a greenhouse in the winter? Brill! We're big salad fans so that's ideal.
Pansy, my son is being a nightmare. Trip in pushchair to newsagent will shut him up and sort me out. Thanks for the idea!

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