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Posted: 06/09/2015 at 07:07

Morning all!  Big big congrats, super panda!

what are they?

Posted: 06/09/2015 at 07:03

Put the sawflies in the bin, B3 - don't put them in the back of your border.  

I too get them.  I'm squeamish so don't like to handle them so similarly cut the leaf /twig off.  I hold a small tub underneath to catch them as often they drop when disturbed.  

I think the new eggs get dug into the stems and you can have a look for them over winter?  I'll have a look year and hopefully they'll be high enough up the branches to prune out.

Strictly is back!

Posted: 05/09/2015 at 09:22

X factor is my guilty pleasure.  I'm not a massive tv person but for some reason X factor draws me in.  I record it (OH laughed at me the other day for using the term "tape") so I don't have to watch adverts and can forward through the worst of the drivel. 

hardy geraniums pictures

Posted: 05/09/2015 at 09:09

Just saying hello so this thread appears in my followed threads listing and I don't have to search for it again....


Posted: 05/09/2015 at 08:06

Oh Pat, the hint of spring is my favourite time of year.  Autumn's coming so fast over here.


Posted: 05/09/2015 at 07:23

I'd miss a tumble dryer - everything turns crispy being dried on airers. I'm terrible for using it in the summer

Boring, boring rosesN

Posted: 05/09/2015 at 07:11

Verdun, in your thread title, did your fingers start writing, "Noooooooo" in defiance?   I think it's all bravado, and deep down you love roses. 


Posted: 05/09/2015 at 07:08

I refuse to put the heating on until quite late in the year.  Not sure why!  My lounge blanket came out of hiberation though.  See, blanket on lap - definitely getting old....


Posted: 05/09/2015 at 07:01

I agree Dove. I had breakfast in the conservatory looking at the garden, and wondered if today would be the day that the couple of bits of washing on the line that have been there since midweek would finally dry and be brought in.


Posted: 05/09/2015 at 06:51

Morning all! (evening Pat!). No reason to be up this morning - snoodlet and OH away. Still got up at 6 am.  I've turned into my parents.... Transformation complete.  

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