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Bees Are Already Buzzing!!

Posted: 04/02/2012 at 10:56
finally worked out to upload a photo! 

Talkback: RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2012

Posted: 03/02/2012 at 15:31
I also did the bird watch and was disappointed that so few birds were around this year (2 wood pigeons and a magpie!). I also wondered if the mild weather was to blame as last year our bird feeders were attracting a lot more visitors, including more shy birds such as jays (we have an urban garden)... hopefully it was not reflective of any decrease in populations, just the fact that the birds are finding their food elsewhere in the milder weather?


Posted: 03/02/2012 at 15:26

The crocuses in my garden (W London) are just coming into flower.

On a related point, is it usual for tulips to be comng up this early? I planted some (Queen of the Night, Merry Christmas) that said they were not meant to flower until late Apr / mid May, but the shoots are already well up and rivalling the daffs. Its the first time I have planted these (in pots) so I have no idea if this is usual! The snow predicted for tomorrow could put a halt to all that I suppose....

Bees Are Already Buzzing!!

Posted: 03/02/2012 at 15:21

Last week there were quite a few bees on the Mahonia in our garden. Not sure this is normal.. it may depend on the type of bee? Nice to see, although that coupled with lots of tulips starting to come up (?)  it did feel a bit out of kilter...   

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