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Talkback: The strange case of the wilting wisteria

Posted: 28/03/2012 at 13:16
March 28,2012. Columbus, Ohio Zone 6a. I have 3 Wisterias, one is Japanese, and yes I regret planting 3 but one was a gift. I don't have the heart to dig one up and give it away, they are doing so well.

Two of the three are full of bud flowers! I am so excited however after the freeze 2 nights ago, the Japanese has a lot of droopy buds and one fell off. I am devastated needless to say.

Is there anything I can do going forward to prevent losing more buds/blooms on the Wisterias going forward? I am afraid we may lose the plant all together, is that possible for an established Wisteria?
Columbus has had a crazy Spring, high 70's low 80's and then back to normal in the 50's, with a freeze the other night.

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