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Suzibabs has reviewed 1449 plants

Scadoxus multiflorus Blood lily

Posted: 23 April 2014
Overall: need to no about a week ago there were plants like up side doen plant i need to no what its called please can anyone help me please

Amsonia tabernaemontana Blue dogbane

Posted: 23 April 2014
Overall: I have grown amsonia for a few years now in clay soil and in partial shade. I did add some grit and homemade compost when planted and its been reliable ever since. The flowers are quite showy even though the blue flowers are almost grey. That doesnt sound very inspiring but I wouldnt be without them now. I also value them enhancing my display of aquilegia and dark geraniums. Lovely combo

Rubus idaeus 'Autumn Bliss' Autumn fruiting raspberry

Posted: 20 April 2014
Overall: flavele, yes, they need cutting right back,smallfry, the suckers are new plants, leave them to grow, then prune t any weak shoots.

Echium pininana Tree echium

Posted: 19 April 2014
Overall: Echium varieties are a magnet for bees. I grow Echium Pininana and other varieties here in the East Midlands. A good supplier is Echium World where you can buy amazing second year plants on line at

Dicentra spectabilis Bleeding heart

Posted: 18 April 2014
Overall: I have a few of these plants now, I have found them really hardy I have lifted and divided it them last year, and re-planted them in heavy clay soil and their doing amazing well!!

Cyclamen persicum Indoor cyclamen

Posted: 15 April 2014
Overall: The information is good as far as it goes but could do with saying when they flower and for how long to leave dormant etc

Lonicera japonica 'Halliana' Japanese honeysuckle

Posted: 07 April 2014
Overall: My honeysuckle is listed as evergreen but has just started losing leaves after them turning yellow? Rather confused.

Dicentra spectabilis Bleeding heart

Posted: 06 April 2014
Overall: I grow Dicentra Spectabilis in my very shady woodland garden and it is one of the few plants that does well. It flowers at a good time too - after the spring bulbs but before the summer perennials. Inexpensive to buy as a root but i get on best starting it in a pot then planting out before flowering.

Echium vulgare Viper's bugloss

Posted: 04 April 2014
Overall: Bees love this plant, its quite tall so I would recommend supporting it with canes. It flowered for a long time and everyday the bees were all over it.

Silene dioica Red campion

Posted: 04 April 2014
Overall: This is a great plant for a wildlife garden. Tiger moth caterpillars feed on the leaves in spring but this doesn't bother the plant too much. As soon as it flowers the bees are all over it and it flowers for ages, a great plant that is full of colour.