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First time greenhouse

Posted: 01/04/2014 at 17:26

My little one is earning it's keep today, just potted up my carnation, dahlia and zinnia seedlings in small to medium pots there's probably around 15, there's no chance they'd live out in the cold, and they wouldn't fare much better in windowsills about the house with 4 cats around. I say go for it!

Time to get busy!

Posted: 01/04/2014 at 17:22
Edd wrote (see)

Not too sure about that BB2.

Have you seen SweetPeas new key board.




Cheeky! I am indeed 21, and only 21 for a while, 21 since Feb. As for you Edd, I have two lovely typewriters, and around 40 ancient film cameras, I seem to collect relics. There's nothing more I like than using something unusual to hold a pretty bunch of freshly cut blooms, once I used a box brownie camera to hold some small carnations in my office space in the previous house. Sadly this one is much smaller, and I'm minus an office, and all the cameras live downstairs in the cellar.

 I assume because my old hobby lives in boxes at the moment, my attention turned to gardening, I tried knitting and crocheting to little gain, mainly because of the fluffy black beast in the photo, so started on the garden. I showed no interest in our old garden which was much bigger, sunnier, and a million times more private. Ah well!

Anyway, back to BBs post!!

Time to get busy!

Posted: 01/04/2014 at 15:06

ahh Busy Bee, that might make sense, having been born in the 90s I have no memory of such thing, only my dad's borders being full of all different plants and colours, he's like me and just planted things he liked with less focus on planning. I'm growing some marigolds, which variety I've no idea, and some Zinnia's which I figure look very similar only more striking, which will be going in a pot, so hopefully if anyone green fingered comes to my house they wont recoil in horror too much at the sight of some orange flowers!

Garden Gallery 2014

Posted: 01/04/2014 at 15:02

Mattbeer such wonderful colours, I love the small ones, second to last, yellow with black centres? Reminds me of my home town's football club colours!


Thanks Steve, I am just about to head out now to pot them... Went into town earlier and came back with yet more plants to pot... I think I'll stop soon, though I have been promised a trip to aldi for some of their strawberry plants! Then I'll be confined to weeding and finding someone to mow my lawn!

Gardeners who love their feline friends

Posted: 01/04/2014 at 14:59

I have four! Two that wouldn't even think about coming outside with me, one that wouldn't stick around if she did, and one older male, who I think would quite like to potter with me one day, if ever I am lucky enough to move house to somewhere safer... And now you're posting photos, I just feel obliged to share mine




 Taylor, my little old wonky man.

Plant IDs please!

Posted: 01/04/2014 at 14:53

thanks Dove, you'd think I'd have realised that... Sometimes I surprise myself with my ditsiness... I think I'll try it outside on the patio, and if I see it struggling I'll bring it in. It wasn't an expensive plant anyway!

Plant IDs please!

Posted: 01/04/2014 at 14:35


I did find this on the primula, it says it's possible to keep it outdoors? There is a lot of warm sun during the day, and in bad weather I would happily bring it indoors and keep it on the windowsill.

First time greenhouse

Posted: 01/04/2014 at 11:48

I have to admit Lyn, that I've had no problems at all with mine, it's withstood rain, hail and wind so far and everything has kept nice and dry and warm, and more importantly in place, when all I have weighing it down are some pots and a full watering can, mainly so I can just water the containers when I'm coming in from work. The sheet covers it very well.

First time greenhouse

Posted: 01/04/2014 at 11:25

I bought mine for £9.99 from B&M bargains, but I've seen the same 4 tiered plastic one in ASDA for £15, and Wilkos-currently on offer for £13 I believe. It's been a life saver for us! I've started to grow some peppers in mine, and due to lack of space and a shed, I use the bottom tier to store my tools and watering can, spare pots and the such... took 20 minutes or so to assemble and it does keep them warmer than nothing at all, and our seedlings are thriving in it

 There's a photo of mine! I think if you're as much of a beginner as I am, then it's worth your while. For me it's a hobby, and it's grown simply because I notice there's a link with me spending time outside in the garden and my depression ebbing away... Plus I'm full of cold at the moment and the fresh air does my blocked nose the world of good! But for all I know, I could be moving to a flat next year, or somewhere with no garden at all, so I can give this away on freecycle or the such and won't have wasted much money, time or effort.


Definitely invest in one, weigh it down, and keep it sheltered, my house does a pretty good job on that


Garden Gallery 2014

Posted: 01/04/2014 at 11:12

I really, really love Lizzie's garden! And Jack's little shack, I think that's my partner's idea of heaven, though sadly we have no space at all. I really should take a photo of what is the size of my little patch, it's why I'm wholly limited to pots!

And hello to everyone who has said hello to me! I haven't done much to the garden the past week since commenting, I did do some work yesterday, and noticed how well my seedlings have grown, and shall be potting them up today I think. Hope nobody minds me putting up some photos of my meagre progress, especially when so many of you have so much lovely colour going on! I'm just glad I have things that are growing.

 So when I said I have a tiny garden at the front of my house, I wasn't fibbing!
It's why I'm so in awe of all of yours!

 Gave my peas some makeshift support for now, which they appreciate a lot!

 Violas are in bloom, but I think they may be too cramped in the small pots, so I may separate and have the one plant per pot, what do you think?

 my rescued 20p Rosemary from B&M repotted and watered.

 This has come into bloom, which got ID'd for me yesterday, thanks again! I did some research, and most say it doesn't work well as a hedge, I'm thankful we have it though, it gives us some much needed colour and privacy from our neighbours, it also shelters a cat that has decided to live outside our door, she's only been there for a day or so, but it kept her sheltered from the rain.

 this was taken last week, I've since thinned them out, and they've grown even taller, is it time to move them to bigger individual pots? The Dahlia's and Zinnia's are about 2-3 inches tall I'd say and their leaves are growing every day.

I've also got a heather I'm trying to revive, and the coriander in the herb tray is starting to grow fin

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