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Garden Gallery 2013

Posted: 17/03/2013 at 18:25

Wow, what a garden and house. And the hedge!!!! Must take hours to keep that trimmed. Rather them than me.

MOB rants

Posted: 17/03/2013 at 17:49

You don't have to rant Lizzie, I don't (often) but get an e-mail for every new rant. Have you inadvertently deleted the "tick" in your settings?

What you haveeaten today?

Posted: 17/03/2013 at 16:52

artjak, that's one of the reasons for no ducks! Besides, it's difficult enough to find a babysitter for the cats when we go away.

Dinner tonight is pork chops, roast new potatoes, broccoli and carrots.

What you haveeaten today?

Posted: 17/03/2013 at 15:47

I've thought about having ducks occasionally as we have a small pond, but then they would be pets and I don't think we could kill and eat them!

Fork Handles

Posted: 17/03/2013 at 09:46

Morning everyone. Bev, the nose-lickling is probably to cover the guilty conscience for eating up the spaghetti!

Has spring arrived for you yet?

Posted: 17/03/2013 at 06:34

Same here, Busy-Lizzy, the only things blooming are snowdrops and winter aconite, everything else is still in hibernation. Snow showers again right now!

Gardeners World new season

Posted: 17/03/2013 at 06:20

Yarrow2 wrote:

I looked at that view of hundreds of those roses and was desperate to hear the gardener say 'Now I'll tell you what we do to the soil to make it fit for all these brilliant roses, here's what we find is the best thing to feed them with and here's how we keep all these roses healthy".

That is exactly what went through my mind, Yarrow. I agree with everything you said. I wonder if it would help if you emailed your comment to the BBC?

Perhaps if they got a flood of input from all of us it would make a difference!

Fork Handles

Posted: 16/03/2013 at 22:17

Just spent the last half hour exercising the laughter muscles with Mrs. Brown's Boys! I love him/her. Does that make me decadent?


MOB rants

Posted: 16/03/2013 at 20:51

Perhaps Northern Ireland is as far as their horizon will go.

Fork Handles

Posted: 16/03/2013 at 20:44
clogherhead wrote (see)

Ah Jean Butler Legs all the way up to her arm pits

Ha, in NZ we used to say, all the way up to her bum and then they get cheeky

Thanks for clearing up the tacca matter for me, I have seen pictures of them, but are they for outside or inside?

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