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lillies with yellowing leaves

Posted: 23/06/2013 at 00:21

Like both of you I love lilies and have a very healthy colony of them increasing in height and vigour every year. This collection includes my absolute  favourite .....tree lilies. I have had my fair share of Lilly beetles which I hunt down in May and pick off by hand but these pests do not cause yellowing leaves. The most likely cause for this is that some varieties of  lilies are intolerant of alkaline soil.....they need acid peaty soil and will not die straight away but just get more yellow and sickly each year. I garden on alkaline soil and have found that all of my tree lilies are happy about this as are most other lilies...but occasionally I come across a variety which objects so I then grow it in peat compost in a pot. I wonder Tina why you dig up and overwinter your Lilly bulbs in a shed...tree lilies (and most lilies ) are in my experience best left undisturbed and are quite hardy so do not need to be lifted. The only problem you need to look out for is possible slug damage when shoots first emerge and also severe frosts in early spring when the shoots are still short and  tender and on frosty nights will need overnight protection with fleece or plastic lemonade bottles cut in half...unless your garden is very sheltered.   Good luck to both of you!


Problem plant!

Posted: 22/06/2013 at 23:47

I wonder if its an azalea ? If so it may well be unhappy in your soil unless you have acid peaty soil. You can tell this by doing a soil test or by looking at neighbouring gardens to see if azaleas or rhododendrons grow well in your area. If not then feed it with sequestered iron or any tonic for acid loving plants...Or just give it up as a bad job and  get rid of it!


How to attract butterflies

Posted: 22/06/2013 at 23:38

I have plenty of bees and hover flies in my semi rural garden and I grow a good variety of insect friendly nectar rich plants including buddleias and nettles......but I seem to have very few visiting butterflies except the inevitable cabbage whites.I'm not sure whether my garden is a lot more exposed than anyone else's although it is situated on a southwesterly slope facing the prevailing wind. Am I missing a trick or are there perhaps very few butterflies around these days? Any advice would be welcome.


How to start a new thread

Posted: 22/06/2013 at 22:46

I don't seem to be able to start a coversation/new keeps coming up as a reply or post??there do not seem to be any simple instructions about this. Please can someone help?


Best topiary tool

Posted: 22/06/2013 at 15:57

I have watched Monty Don use shears to trim topiary but have given up using shears myself on my new topiary (box and yew) since they seem to need CONSTANT sharpening which is impractical and frustrating. Have also tried a small single handed battery operated trimmer which was not man enough for the job and simply did not cut efficiently so I ended up asking for a refund. Can any one please suggest a tool which will do the job quickly and efficiently??



Welcome to tools and techniques

Posted: 22/06/2013 at 15:19

I urgently need to prune my box and yew 'bushes' and would like to 'topiarise'  them...but confused about the best tool for the job! Although as an art teacher I feel confident about my ability to sculpt them I don't think I have the patience or the stamina to keep sharpening my shears throughout  what promises to be a quite lengthy project. Last year I tried a mini battery operated, single handed hedge  trimmer which did not seem to cut efficiently at all, so I ended up returning it to the garden centre. I then resorted to shears which seemed to need sharpening CONSTANTLY. All suggestions would  gratefully received and considered!


Posted: 22/06/2013 at 14:28

Well done! Would LOVE to grow this and have tried several times but dont have acid soil which I believe is a prerequisite.....or is that just an excuse??


Posted: 21/06/2013 at 14:43


How can I attract more butterflies into my garden .....other than the obvious buddleias,   nettles, nectar rich flowers. My garden is semi rural and surrounded by trees /hedgerows but is on a slope facing prevailing SW moderately exposed I guess.....could this be an impossible deterrent to them? I seem to attract plenty of other insects especially bees!

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