Tess Fitzgerald

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Echinops ritro Globe thistle

Posted: 30 August 2013
Overall: I planted a Blue Globe Thistle this year in a pot. It was very slow in it's growth, I had one flower head the size of a marble and the leaves, have all been eaten. I thought planting it in a pot, would protect it. I planted the thistle in compost, bought from a garden center. Can you advise me please. I would really like to have these plants in the garden, as they are attractive.

Tropaeolum 'Double Gleam Mixed' Nasturtium

Posted: 30 August 2013
Overall: I love Nasturtiums and have grown some beauties. My one problem with this flower is, it seems to attract black fly and it's a hellish job to get rid of them. Any suggestions please?

Euonymus europaeus 'Red Cascade' Spindle tree

Posted: 30 August 2013
Overall: I live on the East Sussex coast, is it suitable for coastal conditions?