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Steep slope planting plans - any photos?

Posted: 14/05/2014 at 22:01

If your soil is acid, heathers might look good.  I`ve seen steep banks covered with "Mind your own business" too which spreads like crazy and covers everything.  Have often thought about placing stone shapes and let the plant run all over them, with a bit of imagination could make an interesting feature. I think the plant is called Helxine ??

Short varieties of lavender may work too as they are drought resistant.  Munstead is easy to grow from seed, and would be a cost effective way to produce lots of plants.  Small leaf variegated ivy would look after itself quite well too.

Sorry, haven`t got any pics!

Can a choisya be re-planted now once its in flower, looks like a med/large

Posted: 10/05/2014 at 21:25

If it`s really necessary to move it now, I would prune it back to half it`s size first to give it a fighting chance, and spend time preparing the new planting site beforehand.   This will help as the plant wont have to work so hard supporting it`s top half and put it`s effort into the roots.  The are quick growers, and you will get more flowers later on.


Posted: 10/05/2014 at 20:54

Rescue a little dog - terriers are good.   They can be good at deterring cats.  Dogs can be trained - come on, we all know you cannot train a cat - they do as they like, and go wherever they want to.  For that reason I would never blame a cat owner

What to grow in vacated veg beds....

Posted: 09/05/2014 at 20:19

Purple fennel would be good between the flowers 

Changing colour of Lilac

Posted: 09/05/2014 at 19:42

I thought it was common knowledge that it`s very unlucky to bring lilac indoors, and my family are from Scotland, Yorkshire and Kent.

What to grow in vacated veg beds....

Posted: 09/05/2014 at 09:02

   Mmmm  scented flowers are better!

Rose pruning

Posted: 09/05/2014 at 00:39

I`m mad.   I talk to my plants and my dogs.....the thing is, I`ve learned to listen as well.  Don`t always get it right though!

Tree type

Posted: 09/05/2014 at 00:33

Not only am I ancient, but have a sense of humour too

Tree type

Posted: 09/05/2014 at 00:07

Saucy sod!

Rose pruning

Posted: 09/05/2014 at 00:05

Mmm like I said, take the shears to it ...again, tidy it up ..and it`s doing great!

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