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Help needed please

Posted: Today at 01:14

Hi Liljo,  As a foster carer for a dog rescue, I would suggest making a wire run in the garden for your puppy until you have worked out the plants - if you are worried.  My dogs have never yet come to harm from plants in the garden.  Slug pellets and slugs can be a real danger though. 


Gooseberry bush

Posted: Today at 01:00

Verdun - if you went to Australia, on "I`m a celebrity......."   you would win - that`s for sure....King of the jungle !  Witchiti grub pie and shampers for you !!


Posted: Today at 00:47

I dont think willow or bamboo will do the job.  Old fashioned privet could be the best answer.  The variagated variety looks good, and is easy to care for.  It is evergreen and easy to keep clipped - the more you clip it, the thicker it grows. 

I had a house by a footpath, and started with a fence with a cheap pig netting fence to make sure dogs didn`t come through to the garden.  Then planted a variety of evergreen shrubs inside that.  The results after a couple of years were very pleasing - and a couple of years further aong the line proved to be excellent

Willow is deciduous, and will not provide the privacy you want.  Bamboo can be very invasive and could make future problems.


Posted: Today at 00:32

Nematodes is the first thing that comes to mind - but can be costly.  I have heard that acidic pine needles and comfry can prove to be useful deterrants.  Wireworms have a favourite so I`m told, and that is potato.  Potato traps can be made by spearing them (the spuds) with a stick, and planting between the crops - then you pull out the sticks every now and then and torture the little blighters to death!!     

Maybe you could collect and freeze them and market them as bird food 

ask a silly question....

Posted: Today at 00:15

As long as you dont try digging with both feet at the same time you should be ok ...dont worry   (a silly answer)  

self seeder

Posted: Today at 00:10

I would agree that this hollow stemmed shrub is quite pretty when in flower, but it can become a bit problematical if allowed to seed too freely.  It pops up all over the place in our village, much like the buddleias  - the birds love it though, and when they`ve had a good feed on the very juicy berries they plop all over the place bright on my car

Plant or weed ID

Posted: 16/04/2015 at 23:17

The only one there I would worry about is the sedge.  I planted some beside a pond several years ago and so wish I hadn`t.  It seeds all over the place, and each year I think I`ve dug it all up and burned it I find more growing ...."Carex pendular" it had on the label...YUK !

Old hedges

Posted: 16/04/2015 at 23:06

Cut it down to about 4 feet.  This will encourage it to bush out and thicken further down.  To prevent animals coming through completely will require a fence too.  Maybe chain link or just chicken wire.  

If you have enough space and want to widen the hedge - to make it "anti neighbour" as I call it, a row of berberis stenophylla in front of the holly should do it.  

Pruning though would be the top answer!

When does cherry blossom?

Posted: 16/04/2015 at 11:43

Just noticed my post only shows a face......text seems to have disappeared ????   Verdun, that was me singing the song ....took me back to my youth 

Baby rats in compost bin

Posted: 16/04/2015 at 11:39

Once they start breeding a cat will not keep up with them.  I had three (exhausted) cats, but they couldn`t cope.  It really can get that serious.  The problem needs nipping in the bud the sooner the better.    Best of luck.

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