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Today's trip

Posted: Today at 00:19

.....takes me back to the stuff dad warned me about   ...(nuffin to do with plants of the horticultural kind)    clip round the ear for daring to go to jazz club  aargh    


Posted: Today at 00:12

Tigridia is not very hardy.  Now they have finished flowering it may be best to dig them up and look after the bulbs in a warm dry place to replant next year. 

Storing bulbs for the winter months really needs to be in a mouse free environment.. I know ...I lost dozens of dahlia tubers and other plants one winter ..devastating experience  

privacy screen

Posted: Today at 00:00

I totally agree with obelixx.  You would make a far nicer screen or border by using a variety of shrubs and climbers.  There are so many to choose from.  I have no personal experience of growing on sandy soil, but many years ago I sought advice about growing kent cob nuts (as a business)  The soil in my part of Kent is not sandy, and therefore not the best for that crop...yours however would be superb.

Your best screen in my opinion would be a mixed one then - some evergreen, some climbers, some deciduous....different colours, scents etc.  I like to mix yellow foliage shrubs with purple foliage ones.   A bit of imagination goes a long way, and is far less boring than bamboo and conifer. 


Posted: Yesterday at 23:45

Well then verdun,  in your micro climate, and as long as you can provide free drainage and dedication I think you will just have to go for it.   Better than spending money on jam donuts and black forest gateaux....or treacle tart and bread puddin` .. You`d get  Watsonia  rather than What`s on yer 


Posted: Yesterday at 23:27

I thought Leycesteria immediately - obviously it would be better to go on a photo though.  If it is, it seeds like mad, and I have it growing all over the place.  It needs to be kept in check!  Can we see a photo please tina, so that we can confirm....

Today's trip

Posted: Yesterday at 23:16

Cor nut, I would LOVE to, but it`s about 140 odd miles from me and I`m tied up with campers and dogs and struggle to cope single handed.... mind you, I managed a quick trip to Tesco today - the highlight of my week  

Oooo that miscanthus, and Vince Denny.......I love the ones that come with a warning - it is great when there is enough room to live a little dangerously (plant wise of course)

Dry Bay trees

Posted: Yesterday at 12:23

Stand them in water for a good drench and hope.....

Gardeners and their 4 Legged friends

Posted: Yesterday at 11:41

What`s BL ?

Gardeners and their 4 Legged friends

Posted: Yesterday at 01:06

Well, before I go to bed ....yawn... I suggest you write proper words so I can understand what you mean Clarice,  I suspect there may be a few of us who struggle with     2lol&TY..........sorry but I`m more in the "waiting for god" category  

Problem Solving

Posted: Yesterday at 00:12

Yep,  as Lesley says, your paving stones have sunk  so get them up and put some sand under - as long as they`re just under the mower level by a fraction all will be well !

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