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Help please

Posted: 04/12/2012 at 16:29

good Garden

Sorry,something I make wrong!,Hope now is o.k.,download click on the right (ultimative...)than you can reed all species' names, sorry, ThaiGer.

ultimative kitchengardenplan

Help please

Posted: 03/12/2012 at 19:05

hello Andrew, I found a simple garden plan. If downloaded this plan,you can see all the species name of plants, it's interesting...and only for give you some inspirations...funny to look at them. organinc greetings,ThaiGer. "Good garden"

"To know what we know, and know what we do not know, that is understanding."(Confucius) ,(

Where the roots grow

Posted: 02/12/2012 at 16:54

hello, above the ground level is all o.k., The optimal root have to look as so:

 But they grow only horizontal (Flat Root). I think, the roots goes to fast to the fertlizer and later, after dayly watering they go into the deep. At the last weeks we have some monsun rain it should divert the nutrients to the ground. two days ago I checked it and the crops are more stable.By the way, my cuttings was only 3 weeks separate from the mother plant, be rooted in this time and now we have to wait two years to the first harvest.Thanks and organic greetings, Thaiger.

Help please

Posted: 02/12/2012 at 07:48

Never cut all,when not a new plan exist. But maybe you have a pic, then any forum-members will give you an idea. Some crops you can save, or move, or...What idea is YOUR? Mixed garden, flower, vegies, stone garden, raised bed? organic greetings, ThaiGer.


Posted: 02/12/2012 at 07:04

hello wild gargener, "full of possibilities"is the best answer!

Look here at the first 6 pictures of my old/new house garden, wild but with plan. I want have a different to my "correct areas for relaxing.

wild with plan  (password: ThaiGer) 

Best luck and organic greetings, ThaiGer. ,

Where the roots grow

Posted: 01/12/2012 at 14:43

 Dear gardener, the planting of a dragon fruit is similar to planting an apple tree, a plum tree or a shrub.We dug 600 holes (1hectare) 40 cm deep (the roots-length 10-15 cm).We filled the ground with ceramic fragments and Bokashi (look at compost trench/Bokashi).10 Days after we put the cuttings and filled with good, black soil.Later, we gave our organic ' fertilizer "(chicken manure, rice bran, fish powder, rock minerals and bio-charcoal, all ingredients are fermented / activated with EM) in 1 m diameter around the posts -4 crops per post. All coars roots accumulate nutrients and the fine (hair)roots the water. I think so?!  But now all the roots grow to the fertilizer and not in the deep... Would it have been better to put the fertilizer to the bottom of the hole and the Bokashi on the surface? It is not a big problem, the roots are now powerful enough. They will grow sooner or later in the depth. I'm intersted in 1 or 2 opinions about this practice. Thank you for reposting in advance. Organic greetings, ThaiGer ,

May I introduce myself ?

Posted: 01/12/2012 at 11:13

Georg Faust, at first thanks for a reason to think. Of course at the beginning any years ago it was an utopia, a wishful thinking. Now a reality of the utopia has become but 90%. Now the utopia has become a reality of 90%. Due our farm profit we have a good and happy life (Thai proportion!)- in contrast to any other farmers in our area - by means of our organic farming methods.It is not easy to think and to act different the neighbors. But my small success show me, that I'm on the right track.I can not compare our garden/farm with UK or America.For this purpose, we are too small. In the near future a have a great plan; I want give 30 hectare to Burmese political landless refugees (farmer) for growing organic - a new project of mine...Now you can say: sure this is an utopian idea. But wait to see...The following is utopia or reality My Hope . It's one of my pdf's. Organic greetings, ThaiGer. ,

Talkback: How to make a composting trench

Posted: 01/12/2012 at 06:27

I think you can put in botato peelings,certainly small large, cut it thin and short.On the pic also I can see some large waste, if cut smaller and thin you have faster a usable basic compost.I think so.Best organic greetings, ThhaiGer

Talkback: How to make a composting trench

Posted: 30/11/2012 at 18:01

Hello gardener, composting trench is a very effective practice-the best to utilize kitchen food, leaves etc.for enrich the soil. Your wastes have half a year to rot. Then worms and microbes can populate the soil. Organic wastes are not compost. Only when they are rotting, the plant roots can split up the nutrients. In our region we have a very poor soil. Therefore, we apply a similar principle. We call it Bokashi. Because we have no seasons we can't wait until a usable compost is created.For the faster nutrient availability, we use EM, living microorganisms. The EMs ferment organic substances in approximately 1-2 weeks. Thus, you have a revaluated organic compost available throughout the year.I have friends in the UK, Australia and United States, which also use this method.Maybe for you also a consideration.For a little more information please look here:The Easy Bokashi . 

Best organic greatings, ThaiGer.


"To know what we know, and know what we do not know, that is understanding."(Confucius) ,



May I introduce myself ?

Posted: 30/11/2012 at 15:34

1000 thanks, with organic regards, ThaiGer

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