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Cymbidium - what now?

Posted: 04/06/2017 at 10:51

Following my success with Phalaenopsis, I fell in love with and purchased a gorgeous Cymbidium.  Great whilst it was in flower but now what do I do with it? 

I know it doesn't need a transparent pot but will the Orchid compost that I use for my Moth Orchid be OK for this and should I repot it? It is still in the pot that it came in but although it looks healthy and green, there doesn't appear to be anything new happening. I've had it a while now so I'm getting impatient!

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Nelly Moser clematis

Posted: 04/06/2017 at 10:41

Nelly Moser is a Group 2 Clematis, it should have two flushes of flowers, depending on the pruning.  The first flush is on the growth from the previous year and the second is on new growth.  For this reason Nelly should not be cut hard back like Group 3.

Have a look at this link -

Good luck!

Tasty Green Cucmbers

Posted: 29/05/2017 at 09:03

Will do, thanks again Bob.

Tasty Green Cucmbers

Posted: 28/05/2017 at 11:30

Oh thanks very much Bob. 

Tasty Green Cucmbers

Posted: 28/05/2017 at 11:23

Growing cucumbers for the first time this year - the only one I could get was Tasty Green.  It is quite a healthy looking specimen but I'm now not sure whether it's the right type for a greenhouse.  I've nowhere for it to go outside so it's the greenhouse or nothing - any assistance would be appreciated.

What's wrong with my Camellia?

Posted: 14/04/2017 at 16:53

Thanks for your reply,  It was repotted into a larger pot last year, so it has plenty of space.  Summer was fairly wet last year plus I always keep all my Camellias well watered and well looked after, hence my surprise at the way it's turned out.  It's had Ericaceous feed but I'll treat it to a seaweed feed, thanks for that. 

What's wrong with my Camellia?

Posted: 14/04/2017 at 16:14

My Camellia is ill!  It's been fed, watered, had no frost and has produced hundreds of buds.  A lot of them have flowered but there again, an awful lot have fallen off, the leaves are discoloured and the plant just looks very sad indeed.  It was repotted last year.

Any ideas?

Rowan - which is best?

Posted: 29/01/2017 at 10:22

BobtheGardener - Thanks for the link, very interesting. 

Marlorena - Thank you very much for that - do the birds eat the berries?

Rowan - which is best?

Posted: 28/01/2017 at 09:32

I'm beginning to think I need something else - Rowan's can grow quite large and I just want something  that it quite compact.  More research needed!

Rowan - which is best?

Posted: 27/01/2017 at 09:57

We're on chalk down here. 

Thanks for your response.

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