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Fork Handles

Posted: 19/08/2012 at 09:47

Good morning Chap's and Chapess's

It has been raining solidly here for about 6 hours, I have been wanting to catch sight of some meteors since Monday but it has been cloudy every night. 

Went out for a Chinese last night for Mother-in-law's birthday, food was gorgeous and worth the £110...

Heads a bit groggy and not being able to cut the lawn is still driving me mad

Fork Handles

Posted: 17/08/2012 at 10:24

I'm calming down, just checked the weather and it's supposed to be fine until 20:00 keep em crossed. If it does rain i shall have to take my rage out on poor foreigners on MW3

Dan x

Discouraging Starlings

Posted: 17/08/2012 at 07:54

I am currently going though £40 a month on bird feed, I seem to have Britain's entire population of chafinch's in my trees. I have an old pallet on the bank behind the kitchen that i put seed on at 6am and 5pm, along with seeded bread for the phesants and 2 bird feeders that again get filed at 6am and 5pm.

I don't mind feeding them but I would like it if they would eat less and not a kilo a day.

Fork Handles

Posted: 17/08/2012 at 07:45

Good morning all,

Weather is absolutely atrocious and will be the whole weekend, which means I wont be cutting the grass tomorrow. The thing with me is, I have an OCD in regards to routines, I become very agitated and a complete arse, every thing has to be done at a set time and set duration, depending on task, i.e. Mowing the lawn Start time Sat 11:00 duration 1.5 hours. Cleaning mower Sat 12:30 duration 30 minutes.

This weekend will be the death of me, the past weekends for about 4 months Saturday has been dry, sunny or cloudy but always ideal conditions for grass cutting....... I'm going mad already and ranting thinking about it........ I NEED HELP!

Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora 'Emily McKenzie

Posted: 16/08/2012 at 13:14

Jean, I have done some research and I cannot see a lifespan. The plant that I had dug up was around the 10 year mark according to next door and its still growing in the places I have replanted after dividing.

Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora 'Emily McKenzie

Posted: 16/08/2012 at 07:55

I'm trying to sort the bulbs out for posting, the problem is, have rooted and clumped together in the bucket i have put them in. I am in the process of sorting them out.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused

Dan x

GW Presenters

Posted: 15/08/2012 at 18:27


Fork Handles

Posted: 15/08/2012 at 18:22

Happy Birthday Geoff

Becks because of work dodging low life's, honest people like you and my sister made to suffer

J The scampers get all confused when you say "I don't have a PC" apparently every house hold in the world has one, even though i don't.

Lawn has claimed another victim. One of next doors doves 

Fork Handles

Posted: 15/08/2012 at 07:49

Lucky you Becks for the free food. Dinner for me last night was a BBQ meat feast pizza from Asda, while watching the Great British Bake Off.

That show is so bad ass i'm surprised they show it before the watershed

Fork Handles

Posted: 14/08/2012 at 07:49

A couple of days ago I posted about a wascally wabbit that has been eating my sweet peas and i wanted to know what the benefits of having Buggs around, other than a good source of protein.

Yesterday arriving home from work i had found him dead in the garden, the cause of death is eluding me because of the lack of puncture wounds, blood and ripped out fur. A part of me is doesn't care that he's dead because of they way i have been brought up (Shooting and Ferreting) but the part will miss him. 

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